How to Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Children

You and your children should always have a unique relationship and understanding. Your children have no one closer than you as their parents, so you must always be there for them, no matter what happens.

Many parents, though, fail to build a relationship strong enough that will make their kids trust the parents. The bond between parents and kids is often weak, which may cause problems in their young lives.

As a parent, you want to help them succeed in life no matter how they feel about you. To do this, you need to know how to create this bond of trust and always have your children near you when they are in need.

In this article, we share some tips to help you create this bond. Following them will make you strengthen the bond and have your children trust you and your judgment about their actions. Follow up and see what you need to do.

1. Set yourself as an example

No one wants to see their kids fail in life. We all want to see them finish college and get great jobs. Facts say that children who grew up in a family of educated parents working in successful companies have a much greater chance of having the same life path as their parents.

To help your children succeed and enjoy life, you must set an example for them. Let them see you read books, talk politely to others, study for exams, work hard to earn their paychecks, and everything you want to see in your kids.

2. Be strict and never back down

To build a great connection with your children, you must be strict and never back down when pressured by them. Children love to manipulate, and if you let them get on top of you, you’ll never earn their respect.

On the other hand, if you manage to set the relationship by presenting yourself as the alpha, they’ll happily follow you and listen to everything you have to say. They’ll always try to manipulate you, but you should never back down.

3. Be on their side when they have life problems

You won’t be the problem in their lives forever. As toddlers and a few years later, you’re their only world, but later as they grow and start making friends, you will not be the only star in their universe.

When other issues happen in their lives, they will need a friend to back them up and advise them. That person should be you. Understand what they are going through and provide the best possible advice, but make sure you’re on their side.

4. Don’t be judgemental

When talking about essential problems, you mustn’t be judgmental. Of course, if they say they’ve been doing drugs, your first reaction is to flip out, but if you show understanding of their situation and do not overreact, they’ll tell you about their intentions every time from that moment on.

This way, you can influence them and trick them into dropping this habit. It is the same for every other issue you and them might have. However, if your initial reaction is becoming mad and judging them for their actions, they’ll immediately turn away and never talk to you about their problems again.

5. Set the rules while they are young

Educating and developing their mind starts the first moment they are born. You must set the rules for them as soon as possible and stick to them. If they grow up understanding that some things are forbidden and others are mandatory, they’ll have no problem respecting the rules.

Kids are like programmed software. If you program them to be one way, they won’t understand another way, but if you program them to be something else, they’ll do it without question. The only trick is to start the development early on.

6. Don’t miss the chance to praise their success

Do you love being praised when you do something right? So are they. Don’t miss a chance to tell them how great they are. Tell them they are beautiful, successful, and smart. This triggers the part of their brain in which you’re their ally. They will gladly share everything with you when they start feeling you as an ally.

You don’t even have to wait for a moment of success. Buy fantastic lures for fishing, help them catch a fish by holding the rod behind them, and praise their success. This makes an unbreakable bond between parents and children.

7. Tell them and show them your love

Showing them your love is essential to make them feel like they are living in a home where they are appreciated and free. You need to show them how much you care and love them constantly. You also need to tell them you love them too constantly.

Show your love to your kids, and they’ll return equally. This makes children feel safe and relaxed. They will always turn to you when they have a problem if they clearly see you love them.

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