How to do Picrew Challenge: Simple Guide to Character Creation

Many are curious about how to do Picrew Challenge. It has been a trend since it caught attention on a social media platform. Many more users try and use the site but most of them struggle to use the best features of the site. They don’t have much knowledge which leads them to a stressful creation process. After reading this article you’ll for sure get services out of Picrew.

What is Picrew?

Picrew is an online avatar maker which creators use to make their own avatar maker illustrations. It is known as the Makowka character maker. It allows the user to explore their talents for free using this platform. Creating the most outrageous characters is easy using Picrew. Digital paper doll games inspire it. It has character customization options that you can maneuver to get the best out of the platform.

Picrew allows users to create any type of avatar they want. They can create a cartoon avatar, anime avatar, anime girls, animal avatar, and more. Character creation in Picrew requires less stress but more creativity. Users can create their own presets that can share with other users.

How to do Picrew Challenge on Smartphone

‘How to do Picrew Challenge on Smartphone’ guide enables users to learn about how it can be accessed using a smartphone. It gives way to them learning how to use the site with the best that it can offer. Read through this guide and learn how to do Picrew Challenge using a Smartphone.

  1. Open Picrew using your browser. You can use any browser available on your phone to search for Picrew. It is accessible on any device that you have.
  2. Make the personality of the character. Create the personality of your character. This will greatly affect the characters’ expressions and facial features as well as their clothing style.
  3. Decide the gender of the character. Gender is important as it plays a major role in designing a character. You can select any gender you have in mind. Art doesn’t bound itself to two genders only.
  4. Start customization process. After completing the 3 steps above start customizing. You need to choose the avatars’ hairstyle, clothing, and many more. This should be based on the information you have gathered to create a unique avatar.
  5. Download your work. After creating you should download your design. Picrew has no accounts, you cannot save it to the platform. Make sure to download it on your device and keep it safe for later use.

Tips and Tricks on How to do Picrew Challenge

Picrew is a great platform to explore the world of digital art. It is a free platform that you should check out. While creating Picrew Avatars, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are some that you should never forget which you can use for later.

  • Avoid replicating other designs. Replicating designs happens all the time due to overthinking and underestimating oneself. No design is ugly. It can be ugly to the ones that don’t understand and appreciate it. Designs aren’t just created to impress people but to express oneself inner feelings.
  • Create according to your imagination. Some creators get pressured on their designs and often due to this they just try to replicate others’ designs. Creating an avatar on Picrew doesn’t just require a simple step-by-step. It requires your imagination and creativity to create an avatar that would reflect you.
  • Make sure to enter the correct URL. There are countless site attempts of replicating Picrew but several of these are taken down. Beware of the URL that you’ll enter as it might take you to a site unfamiliar to you and worse can infect your device. Make sure to search for picrew. to.
  • Share your presets with other creators. Sharing your own presets with other users gives you a high chance of receiving also from them. It is a win and wins situation as both of you will benefit from one another.

How to do Picrew Challenge on Desktop

How to do Picrew challenge using a desktop is quite similar to the process of how to do Picrew challenge using a smartphone. It only differs in the customization process itself. Using a desktop creating avatars will let you explore a bigger selection of presets. If you’re using a desktop then follow the steps mentioned above to create an avatar on Picrew.

Picrew Key Features

Every platform has features that make it loved by many. This feature is what makes up the site which can cater to the users’ needs on online avatar makers. As we discuss picrew you should also check out its features and decide if this site is for you.

  • Safe and Secure. Picrew is safe from malware. It is secure from identity thieves widespread online. It doesn’t require force sign-ups which explains that it is safe to visit.
  • Free Platform. It doesn’t require any fees paid per month or subscription fees. It is free and open to users from all around the world. 
  • Thousands of Presets. It has thousands of presets available on the site which you can simply mix and match to create a unique design. These presets can greatly help users, especially those that have little information about digital art.
  • Draw your Avatar. The site allows you to draw the avatar that you want to create. It is not known to many but this feature is a must-try as it allows you to create unique designs using your own drawings and imagination.
  • Accessible. The site is available 24/7. You can access it on any device available to you. You can access it on any day. You can design your avatar with no worries about due time.


Picrew although designed to be simple and basic to be maneuvered easily many users still struggle to use it. Many have less knowledge about this platform which leads them to fail of creating an avatar that will stand out in the public eye. This guide can help you with how to do Picrew Challenge as well as the features and tutorial on designing Picrew Avatars. After reading this visit Picrew and try it out!

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