‘The Lighthouse’ New Horror Movie trailer is up

‘The Lighthouse’ New Horror Movie trailer is up

Upcoming Horror Movie ‘The Lighthouse’ trailer is on the internet now. Star of The Lighthouse is Robert Pattison and Willem Dafoe. Behind the production of this Horror Thriller, A24 production studio has lightened up all things related to the movie. Tuesday the pick the day to launch the trainer and get a good response from the viewers on various streaming channels.

The Lighthouse 2019 banner
The Lighthouse 2019 banner

Nothing goes wrong if movies are made in the leap of the A24 Studio. Studio such great movies at that time, and movies like Moonlight, Eighth Grade and Ladybird. If take last three year aside and check for horror genre then there are many horror films like getting Out and IT gets a huge response from the audience. Hope for  The Lighthouse will lighten up in that direction. Some of them movies grab The Oscar also. If the horror genre gives a good response with word of mouth and box office then why not trying to be a little bit crazier while making another. So, The Lighthouse trailer gives you the feeling of that little craziness.

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The Director of The Lighthouse is Robert Eggers and he has a success record for making The Witch. The first-time Filmmaker joins Robert Eggers to capture the men Pattison and Dafoe. They are debutants of the movie Hereditary and The Witch.

Writers of The Lighthouse are Eggers Brother Max and Robert. The movie is landed on New England island. The place is remote and mysterious and set is performed the Era 1890s. Kind of Black and White crisp will be featuring in The Lighthouse. The movie is about Keeping Secrets about The island.

Robert Pattison plays as Ephraim Winslow and Willem Dafoe plays as Thomas Wake. When you hit Enter to watch The Lighthouse Trailer. It is Begin with the Dark night scene with the ocean and then a lighthouse is shining and foghorn is blaring. Sounds that crates like Who listen in the first voice then they surely miss a beat of the heart.

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Then Both of the stars give a scene with looking straight at the camera, they are holding boxes and carrying bag and lighthouse is featuring behind them. At that time Pattison’s Character is staying most of the time in the dark rooms of the Lighthouse. He hiding the Wooden Mermaid Inside his Jacket, and then Wake (Dafoe) comes in and asking “Keeping Secrets Now?”

Further, Trailer is End with the “how long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two days? Help me to recollect.”

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