How to Create a Professional Online Video in 8 Steps

How to Create a Professional Online Video in 8 Steps

Online videos are the best way to share information with your audience and enhance conversions. Many brands and businesses use online videos to win the trust of their customers. The rise of social media channels has also boosted the demand for online videos. Besides brands and businesses, many content creators on social media platforms build a vast online community by posting professional video content. Creating professional video content is a must for attracting an audience. Read on to know how to create a professional video in 8 easy steps.

  • Select an online video making tool

Before you start making professional video content, you should have the necessary equipment. The first and foremost thing is to invest in a video-making tool. Video experts use an online video editor to add a professional touch to their videos. Editing is done only after shooting a video but, you need to have a video editing tool in advance. You cannot add professional editing effects to your video with the built-in editing application of mobile phones or desktops.

Besides video editing, an online video editor can also help in creating videos. For example, you can use premade templates on a video editing platform to make videos with ease. If you don’t feel like investing in a paid version, you can go for the free version of video editing platforms. Once you understand the editing features, you can go for the paid version.

  • Get your shooting equipment ready

Besides a video editor, you will need better shooting gadgets to create a professional video. If you are only making animated videos, you may not need a camera or microphone. People who have to shoot videos first should invest in good gadgets. Viewers do not like bad video or audio quality. You should have a high-quality camera and microphone to record voiceovers. If you are worried about camera shake, you can buy a tripod to make sure your videos are steady.

  • Plan your videos

You have now gathered all the gadgets and tools required for making professional video content. You now have to plan your video content to avoid any last-minute hassles. Start by identifying the intention of the video. A professional video can give a social message or, it can promote a product or service. Besides identifying the intention of your video, you also need to know your target audience.

There must be certain people whom you are targeting with your professional video. For example, if you are making a video on alphabets, your target audience will be nursery kids and their teachers. It is very important to make videos based on the needs of your target audience. If your target audience is children, then you should make simple videos that are easy to understand. In the video planning process, you can decide the budget of the video and the digital channels where you are going to share the video. For example, if you are to share your videos on Facebook, you will have to follow the set dimensions for Facebook videos.

  • Create a script for your video

You cannot just start making videos with an online video editor out of the blue. A professional video should follow a script. Writing the video script in advance will create less confusion while making videos. You will be clear about the next steps. Video scripts also help in creating automated videos with the help of video editing platforms. Many video editing platforms offer a text-to-video converter. The text-to-video converter will read your video scripts and make a video accordingly with the least manual intervention.

  • Decide on production space

If you are making an animated video, you need not worry about the space for video production. However, for narrative or testimonial videos, you need to dedicate a space for shooting videos. While choosing the space for video production, pay special attention to the lighting. Dull lighting can drive viewers away from your videos. Video experts suggest that natural lighting is best for shooting professional videos. If you have to shoot indoor videos, you can buy a ring light to fix the lighting issues. Lighting issues can also be fixed in post-production with an online video maker.

  • Work on video composition

Every shot in your professional video content should feel right. When the objects in your video are set according to the video frames, you will offer a better viewing experience. Video makers should use the rule of thirds for dividing their video layout into horizontal and vertical lines. The most important elements of your video should occur on the point of the transaction between horizontal and vertical lines. If an actor is in your video, make sure you leave enough space above their head for a better viewing experience.

  • Shoot from multiple angles and perspective

While creating professional video content, you should have a ‘shoot to edit’ mindset. You should shoot from multiple angles and have multiple footage for the same shot. During the editing process, you can cut the shots that aren’t appealing. Using multiple shooting angles in your video will add a professional touch. While shooting videos, you should remember that the video will be edited later. You can add as many shots as you like. The redundant shots can be filtered during the video editing process.

  • Store your video footage

Once you have created and uploaded your video, do not discard the video footage. Make a separate file for each video you make and keep all the video elements in it. The video elements can come in handy the next time you create a video. It is not a good practice to delete your video footage immediately.


There should be minimal audio issues in a professional video. Also, a professional video should be made as per the preferences of the viewers. An online video editing tool can help in making targeted video content. Plan your professional video today!

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