Anne With An E: 5 Crazy Fan Theories On Season 4

Anne With An E: 5 Crazy Fan Theories On Season 4

The best show came out of Canada in the past decade is Anne with an E. It’s the story if the unique twist in the classic novel Anne of Green Gables. Till now, the official final season of the series was season 3, which was released in January 2020. But, some of the hardcore fans are still hoping for the next season for their most favorite show. Fans are fighting hard to get the show picked up for the next season.

The reason that all the seasons till nos attracted the fans of all ages were the story of Anne living with the Cuthberts, and a younger Anne dealing with her orphan life, which showed the life of Anne in a very unique and unfortunate way.

Perceptions for the fourth season by fans:

Along with fighting for their most favorite drama, they are even making ideas of what could come from the next season.

Though in the last season, we have seen Gilbert leaving Anne after sharing a kiss, and then Gilbert leaving for school. According to some hardcore fans, a pen will bring Anne and Gilbert together, which he borrowed while taking exams. That pen will remind Gilbert of Anne’s love towards him. So, according to the fan’s imaginations, the idea of getting the love of her life and a best friend together in a person can be the best storyline and also the best climax for any story. Another fan took (#SaveAnneWithAnE) to Twitter, wherein Netflix seems to help them as well. There are some hopeful reactions but no predetermination guarantee of the coming episodes.

But, we can still hope for the best as it’s coming to our way with even more romantic end of the series.

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