Hotel Portofino Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

As we near the release of Season 3 of Hotel Portofino, we can look forward to returning to the gorgeous setting of 1920s Italy, where the Ainsworth family lives among the intrigue of a luxury hotel and sun-kissed scenery.

This British historical drama, created by the brilliant Matt Baker, has won over viewers all over the globe, and everyone can’t wait for the next season to begin. Season one premiered on January 27, 2022, and the adventure officially started with high reviews for the show’s compelling plot and outstanding ensemble cast.

The second season picked up where the first left off, transporting viewers once again to the picturesque alleys of Portofino. Fans were left wanting more when it first aired in Australia on February 12, 2023, and then in the UK on March 17, 2023.

Hotel Portofino Season 3 Renewal Status

Not knowing whether a program will be renewed for another season is one of the main things that fans worry about. And you know what? Good news, fans! Producers have officially confirmed that Hotel Portofino will be returning for a third season.

After the second season came out, the British program also got the go-ahead for a third. Fans all across the globe will be ecstatic to know that Bella Ainsworth and Hotel Portofino will be returning to their televisions, especially considering that the program is accessible in over 70 countries.

Hotel Portofino Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Hotel Portofino might premiere in 2024. The third season of Hotel Portofino was renewed in February 2023. According to reports, shooting is set to begin in Portofino, Italy, and the Croatian coastline—where the series has been shot mostly since its inception—for the next season, which will include six episodes, similar to the previous two.

Season one debuted in 2022 and season two in 2023. Season 3 is likely to premiere in 2024 based on the previous two releases. Based on the facts available as of this writing, this date is an estimate.

Hotel Portofino Story

In the Italian Riviera town of Portofino, Bella Ainsworth and her family manage a hotel for rich tourists. While they struggle to maintain the hotel in the face of pervasive corruption and deceit, Italy is experiencing political unrest due to the fascist movement’s ascent to power.

Hotel Portofino Cast

  • Natascha McElhone as Bella Ainsworth
  • Lucy Akhurst as Julia Drummond-Ward
  • Louisa Binder as Constance March
  • Elizabeth Carling as Betty Scanlon
  • Lily Frazer as Claudine Pascal
  • Adam James as Jack Turner
  • Imogen King as Melissa de Vere
  • Oliver Dench as Lucian Ainsworth
  • Pasquale Esposito as Signor Vincenzo Danioni
  • Rocco Fasano as Gianluca Bruzzone
  • Mark Umbers as Cecil Ainsworth
  • Assad Zaman as Dr Anish Sengupta
  • Anna Chancellor as Lady Latchmere
  • Olivia Morris as Alice Mays-Smith
  • Daniele Pecci as Count Carlo Albani
  • Lorenzo Richelmy as Roberto Albani
  • Claude Scott-Mitchell as Rose Drummond-Ward
  • Oscar Lloyd as Jonathan Bertram
  • Giorgio Marchesi as Marco Bonacini
  • Roby Schinasi as Victor Michel
  • Carolina Gonnelli as Paola
  • Louis Healy as Billy Scanlon
  • Joseph Balderrama as Luigi Farrino

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Ending

When Cecil’s underhanded transactions and concealed debts are revealed in the shocking Season 2 finale, Bella’s world is flipped on its head. Their marriage fell apart, and Bella was left to gather the pieces and go her own way. The future of the hotel, however, was clouded by uncertainty due to the increasingly turbulent political situation in Italy.

Hotel Portofino Season 3 Plot

Season 2’s tense ending has left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. Anish and Gianluca were reportedly shot by Danioni in the episode. But what happens to the characters is still up in the air. Will Season 3 see them return to Hotel Portofino? To top it all off, Victor is a wanted man, and the next season will see him face a number of obstacles. It will be intriguing to see how Bella’s decision to end her marriage to Cecil unfolds in the next season.

Where to watch Hotel Portofino?

If you’re a British or American resident, you may watch Hotel Portofino Season 3 on ITVX or PBS Masterpiece, respectively. Those in other countries may find out whether it’s available on their local streaming services.


The third season of Hotel Portofino, a British television series about a family that own a hotel, has been greenlit. The program debuted in 2022 and has a dedicated fan base all across the globe. Locations in Italy’s Portofino and Croatia’s Rijeka, Lovran, and Rovinj were used for filming the third season. Filming in Croatia began in June 2023 for the production firm Drugi Plan, which is headed by Miodrag Sila and Nebojša Taraba.

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