The Untamed Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be A Second Season?

The Chinese drama “The Untamed” is adapted from Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s Xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi. This show was influenced by kung fu and Chinese mythology. It’s a mystical place where two people from different clans compete for each other’s affection. In order to unravel a string of mysteries with roots in the past, they must visit several locations.

Despite the passionate love shared by the novel’s protagonists, the Chinese government has banned the film adaptation. The first season was streamed on Tencent Video in China. The airdates were 6/27/2019-8/20/2019. There are twenty episodes total, with the premiere airing on WeTV on January 25, 2020. Season 1 of The Untamed was a huge success, so the big issue is when we’ll receive season 2.

The Untamed Season 2 Renewal Status

The premiere of the final episode of the Chinese drama series took place on August 20, 2019. It first aired on June 27, 2019. What was most intriguing about its debut was how quickly it captured the attention of viewers. It made sense that viewers would appreciate the consistent narrative structure and superb acting.

There have been no discussions concerning season two so yet. Some speculation exists online, but no official confirmation has been made. Despite how low they may seem, the odds are almost never nil. We will absolutely let you know as soon as we hear anything official.

The Untamed Season 2 Release Date

Everyone ends up where they belong in the plot. This is not a mystery for which there is no explanation. This makes the possibility of a second season extremely low. If you’re serious about keeping up with the series’ protagonists, you can always read the novels or see the animated adaptations of the multiple variations of Wei WuXian.

I know you all are dying for Season 2 to start. There has been no announcement of Season 2 details as of the airing of this commercial. As was mentioned up above, there are very slim chances of a season release.

The Untamed Storyline

There’s a lot going on in this tale. More than half of the show’s 20 episodes feature Wei WuXian, a character who is brought back to life after being dead for 16 years. Everybody despised him. The afterlife of his character is the focus of the remaining 10 episodes. He has been brought back to life, but no one seems to remember him. Other groups that make up “The Untamed” are the various clans of Lan, Jin, and Jiang. Each group adheres to its own set of customs, norms, and tenets. As the seasons go on, we watch how these families vie for control and manipulate one another. “The Untamed” features intricate historical drama, fantastical elements, and political undercurrents.

The plot revolves around Wei WuXian and his relationship with Lan Wangji. Wei WuXian’s encounter with his brother, the man responsible for his death in a former life, was another jaw-dropping event. The female characters were given more of a spotlight in the show than they did in the novel from which it was derived.

The Untamed Cast

  • IXiao Zhan Su Yaxin as Wei Wuxian and Mo Xuanyu
  • Wang Yibo Chen Junkai as Lan Wangji
  • Liu Haikuan Shen Yifeng as Lan Xichen,
  • Huang Ziteng as Lan Qiren
  • Zheng Fanxing Jiang Yiting as Lan Sizhui
  • Guo Cheng as Lan Jingyi
  • Carman Lee as Lan Yi
  • Shen Xiaohai as Jin Guangshan
  • Hu Xiaoting as Madame Jin
  • Zhu Zanjin as Jin Guangyao
  • Cao Yuchen as Jin Zixuan
  • Yao Shuhao as Jin Zixun
  • Jin Luying as Qin Su
  • Qi Peixin as Jin Ling
  • Wang Yifei as Luo Qingyang
  • Wang Yizhaou Xuan Yuewen as Nie Mingjue
  • Ji Li Xu Weiluo as Nie Huaisang

The Untamed Season 2 Plot

We meet two growers who are soulmates and eager to unravel a series of secrets linked to a tragic event in the past, and the show continues this unique pattern. A large audience saw the “very intricate yet captivating” plot.

There has been no confirmation of a second season from the creator. Things aren’t as set in stone in season two. We also have no idea if or when a second season is going to be made, and since it’s based on a novel, it’s impossible to forecast the future plot. There is a lot of uncertainty until further information is available.

Season one showed what occurred to Wei Wuxian after he was resurrected 16 years after his tragic death. He presents himself as a terrifying dark sorcerer. He hopes to reconnect with Lan Wangi, his soulmate, and other people from his previous life. Wuxian’s memories of his life before his death and his fall into dark magic are revealed as the tale progresses. With Lan Wangi’s assistance, he learns the shocking truth about his own tragic death and the deaths of others he knew in his past life.

Where to watch The Untamed Season 2?

In the event that a second season is produced, it will undoubtedly be made available on Netflix and similar services. That much is certain. There were 50 episodes in the first season, and each one ran for 45 minutes. The show was first made available on Tencent Video.

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