WarnerMedia To Investigate “Justice League” Production After Ray Fisher’s Toxic Workplace Claims!!

WarnerMedia begins to investigate the production of the 2017 Superhero Movie “Justice League”. The investigation is due to the on-set abusive and misconduct behavior as per the claims of Ray Fisher. Actor Ray Fisher, or you may know him for his DC character name “Cyborg” in the movie “Justice League” alleged the filmmakers for inappropriate behavior.

The decision comes when one of the stars of the DC movie, Ray Fisher repeatedly claims it via many public statements. He accuses the filmmaker Joes Whedon and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg during the making of the “Justice League” film.

Undoubtedly, there are no details that can prove the misconduct and abusive behavior of producers and filmmakers. But it seems from Ray Fisher’s claims through several public statements that the investigation is essential.  You also need to know that there is no specific timeline that can confirm the toxic workplace claims. According to the sources, the WarnerMedia will not be prejudging the filmmakers and producers. It is because the company will not limit the investigation to the persons that Ray Fishers accuses. Also, WarnerMedia will not conduct the investigation in the public sphere to maintain the integrity of the investigation.

Ray Fisher Accuses Filmmakers and Producers Of Misconduct

In the meanwhile, Ray Fisher (Star of “Justice League”) did reveal some exclusive through his twitter handle. He tweets to inform that WarnerMedia is going to hire a third party to investigate his allegations. Fans also notice him suggest that for the first time “others” describing unnamed persons for “grossly abused their power”. Moreover, Time Warner and AT&T are probably trying to provide cover for the alleged behavior of the filmmakers and producers.

These are all the latest updates on the series of tweets by Ray Fisher and his public statements in the last two months. Ray Fisher did drop a bombshell regarding the misconduct of filmmaker Whedon on Twitter. It was when Whedon takes over the director stage for additional photography on the production. Whedon takes the directing duties from the original director Zack Snyder who has to handle his family tragedy.

Also, Ray Fisher claims that he was in the middle of reaching to the heart of the matter. It did happen later that month during the panel of an independent “Justice League” online connections. Fisher reveals that he was in the middle of the process of tracing the evidence for his accusations and allegations.

In August, the 32-year-old American actor claims on Twitter that Johns did summon him to John’s office. He accuses Johns to belittle and admonish him to take up the grievances for the proper chain of command. The actor also claims that Johns did try to threaten his career. Even after many public statements, Fisher did not reveal any concrete details that can withstand his allegations.

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