Hosting Your Own Virtual Poker Night

It has been challenging to socialize effectively in recent months, with many people turning to online alternatives as a way of getting together with friends.

Over the festive period, we suggested 3 Holiday Party Ideas for Virtual Teams, and as we move forward into 2021 those same platforms will still be incredibly popular as a way of connecting and relaxing. In fact, such is the regularity with which we are turning to online platforms for business, leisure and everything in between, Marker reveals the phrase ‘you’re on mute’ has become something of a phenomenon. It is a sign even the least technologically minded people have been forced to embrace the ever-changing landscape of communication.

As we move into 2021, you may well be looking for new, fresh ideas for mixing with friends. You have done the quizzes, a watch along of your favorite show and maybe even a bingo night, but have you considered holding a virtual poker night over these video conferencing apps? It might sound complicated as people’s cards cannot be allocated from a physical deck, but it is not that hard at all. Here is our guide to hosting your virtual poker night this spring.

Understand the Rules

The first thing to do when hosting a poker night is to understand the rules and ensure your players do the same. Most poker variants use the same five-card ranking system, according to, so understanding that system is key to understanding the game. If the players know their flushes from their full houses, then that is a great start. Make sure they are clear on which variant you are playing too; be in three-card, Texas Hold‘em or any one of the other numerous variants on offer.

Choose a Platform

Zoom, or Teams? Skype, or Slack? Which platform is best for you and your friends to come together on? Choosing your platform is crucial to a decent night and therefore makes sure you choose wisely. Zoom has certainly been one of the most popular, although it is limited in terms of time unless you sign up. Tech Radar mentions that WhatsApp are now entering the market too, which could be a game-changer and a good alternative. Be sure to agree well in advance which platform you are using and ensure your players know how it works. For poker, it is ideal if you can view all the players at any one time, to read those poker faces!

Choose a Poker Provider

Choosing an online poker provider is challenging, and this is the most important aspect of your poker night. There are options, of course, one being using a console mini-game as the poker provider. If you gathered four players together, you could go to Red Dead Redemption Online, for instance, and play together on there. It is more likely that you will need to find a site on the internet that allows you all to log in and play, but also one which may allow you to do so for ‘fun’, rather than with other players for real stakes. If you look around online, you should be able to find something that runs alongside your video conferencing software that fits your needs.


After that, all you need are some mates, a comfy chair and refreshments of your choosing, and you are away. You can be bluffing, hoping to see a card on the flop and reveling in your skills all night long, just as though you were all sat around a poker table for real.

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