Highschool of the Dead Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The manga “High School of the Dead” by Daisuke Sato and Shoji Sato has been adapted into an extremely successful anime series. The summer 2010 season saw the release of the anime, which was created by the prestigious Madhouse studio. It explores the consequences of a sudden zombie outbreak that affects a sizable percentage of the population.

Most of civilization is wiped out by the pandemic (referred to as “The Outbreak” in the show) and the zombies are usually commonly known as “them.” In the usual zombie apocalypse tradition, however, other survivors prove to be considerably more hazardous than these voracious corpses. The show’s success with horror fans ensured its continued popularity, but it’s not the simplest anime to get into.

Highschool of the Dead Season 2

Regardless of being over a decade old, “Highschool of the Dead” has held its place in the top 100 most popular anime programs on My Anime List and has over 1.4 million users on the platform. Anime News Network said in their review that the show’s success came from the fact that it was unique in the otherwise oversaturated zombie genre.

“Other recent zombie works in Western entertainment have tried to play it ironic, postmodernist, or just plain silly, but this one goes for straight-up horror—and pulls it off admirably.” Since then, many have been hoping for a second season, although reports on whether or not this would occur have been inconsistent. What we know is as follows.

Highschool of the Dead Season 2 Release Date

There is currently no information available on the development of Season 2 of High School of the Dead. Daisuke Sat’s untimely death in 2017 left the manga incomplete. Shoji Sat (same surname as Daisuke, but no relation) has consented to end the manga because he believes it wouldn’t be appropriate to continue it in the wake of Daisuke’s demise.

A studio in the United States reportedly wants to produce a second season. The manga is now on hiatus, so the likelihood of it occurring anytime soon is low.

Highschool of the Dead Story

Set in modern-day Japan, High School of the Dead opens just before a worldwide virus transforms people into zombies, whom the protagonists refer to euphemistically as “them.” High school kids and the school nurse are the protagonists of this narrative about the aftermath of a global pandemic called the “outbreak.”

It’s not only the zombies the group has to worry about; they also have to deal with the fallout of society, in the shape of potentially violent fellow survivors and the erosion of their own moral compass. The teenagers break out of high school and find themselves dealing with a dishonest instructor and his class.

They go around their houses for any survivors and end up rescuing a little girl and her dog. After hiding out inside the mall for a while, they find their way to the relative safety of a nearby elementary school by way of the police station.

Highschool of the Dead Cast

  • Junichi Suwabe as Takashi Komuro: teenager at the center of the story. Childhood friends with Rei. Hishashi, Rei’s boyfriend, is one of his best pals.
  • Eri Kitamura as Saya Takagi: a junior or senior in high school. She’s the powerful politician’s daughter. She believes herself to be a genius and uses her talents to benefit the community.
  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Saeko Busujima: a junior or senior in high school. Kendo club president at his/her/their school. Saeko is violent and carries a wooden sword at all times.
  • Yukarari Fukui as Shizuka Marikawa: a high school nurse with a lovely attitude and a huge chest.
  • Marina Inoue as Rei Miyamoto: who has known Takashi since they were kids. Competent martial artist and Sojutsu club member.
  • Ayana Takekstatsu as Alice Maresato: a little girl whose father died and who Takashi rescued. Due to her youth, Alice does not possess any weapons or exceptional fighting abilities.
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama as Kohta Hirano: a sophomore in high school who is an expert shot. He’s shown as a pudgy person who wears spectacles.

Highschool of the Dead Season 1 Ending

There was a huge cliffhanger at the conclusion of Season 1 that left us wondering what was going to occur next. The series finale opens with a barrage of American, Japanese, and Chinese missiles and armaments crashing into the cities.

Shido’s bus smashes into the barriers and is destroyed when the EMP waves disrupt all nearby electrical systems. As a result of this breach, zombies began pouring into the estate in large numbers. Soichiro tells the survivors to lock the gates, fight back, and then look for another safe haven. Now that they can’t stay at the mansion, our heroes and Takashi must face various dangers on their trip to a new hiding place.

Highschool of the Dead Season 2 Plot

The humvee that Takashi and the others fled in may be seen in the post-credits sequence of the first season finale. Even though it broke down on the way, the gang finally made it to Taiei Shopping Town.

There are currently three volumes of the manga that haven’t been converted yet, so fans can see a bit more of what happened. Another group of survivors, including Takashi and the others, have taken up residence in the shopping center. They have decided to spend some time in the mall because it seems to have everything they need.

It’s not quite as perfect as it seems, however, since the second set of survivors is in a precarious situation right now. Asami Nakaoka, a police officer assigned to the mall, has a tough time keeping the peace. Takashi and the others decide to avoid attention by keeping their plans secret.

Highschool of the Dead Review

Season 1 of High School of the Dead was rated 7.2/10 by IMDB. The show is rated 7.1/10 by the anime database MyAnimeList. The website TV.com has awarded it an 8.6 out of 10 rating.

Where to watch Highschool of the Dead?

The first season of High School of the Dead is now accessible on HIDIVE and Netflix, depending on your location. Those are the platforms for streaming to follow in the event of a Season 2.

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