hardware upgrades today, likely software upgrades tomorrow

We knew that we were very likely to see a new iPad Pro “with a power equivalent to that of an M1 chip”, as suggested by Mark Gurman, but what we did not expect is that Apple would stop equivalences and literally put that M1 chip inside your professional tablet.

Once the surprise is over, it is time to put this new generation of iPad Pro side by side to see what have we gained compared to the generation launched a year ago. It seems not, but there are differences, as well as a brutal potential for future software news.

iPad Pro (2021): technical specifications compared to its predecessor

Here it is all technical specifications of the new iPad Pro M1 from 2021 versus its 2020 predecessor with the A12Z chip:

iPad Pro 2020 (chip a12z)

ipad pro 2021 (chip M1)


– 24,76 x 17,85 x 0,59 cm (11″)

– 28,06 x 21,49 x 0,59 cm (12,9″)

– 24,76 x 17,85 x 0,59 cm (11″)

– 28,06 x 21,49 x 0,64 cm (12,9″)


473 grams (11 “) and 643 grams (12.9”)

466 grams (11 “) and 682 grams (12.9”). Models with 5G weigh 2 grams more


– 2.388 x 1.668 a 264 pp; LED IPS (11″)

– 2.732 x 2.048 a 264 pp; LED IPS (12,9″)

– 2.388 x 1.668 a 264 pp; LED IPS (11″)

– 2.732 x 2.048 a 264 pp; miniLED (12,9″)


Apple A12Z

Apple M1 (CPU 8 cores, GPU 8 cores)


6 GB

8 or 16 GB of unified memory depending on storage


LiDAR sensors, 12MP ƒ / 1.8 wide-angle and 10MP ƒ / 2.4 ultra-wide angle

LiDAR sensors, 12MP ƒ / 1.8 wide-angle and 10MP ƒ / 2.4 ultra-wide angle

frontal camera


12MP ƒ/2.4 ultra-gran angular


Face ID

Face ID


Up to 10 hours of surfing the internet via Wi-Fi or playing video or music

Up to 10 hours of internet browsing via Wi-Fi or video or music playback, 1 hour less using 5G

Physical connection


Thunderbolt mediante cable USB-C


Wi‑Fi 6 802.11a/b/g/n/​​ac/ax; MIMO; bluetooth 5.0

Wi‑Fi 6 802.11a/b/g/n/​​ac/ax; MIMO; bluetooth 5.0

mobile connectivity




Apple Pencil 2; Smart Keyboard Folio / Magic Keyboard (no incluidos)

Apple Pencil 2; Smart Keyboard Folio / Magic Keyboard (no incluidos)


With USB-C cable, 20W power adapter included

With USB-C cable, 20W power adapter included


128 GB a 1 TB

128 GB a 2 TB


Silver, space gray

Silver, space gray


From 879 euros (no longer for sale)

From 879 euros (11 “) or from 1,199 euros (12.9”)

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As very subtle differences we can see how the rumors were correct regarding the dimensions and weight of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro M1: it is 0.5mm thicker and almost 40 grams heavier. The culprit is the new mini-LED display, although this difference in weight and thickness is very small and shouldn’t be too noticeable.

The main changes are el chip M1, which represents a radical increase in power compared to the A12Z chip that we will surely see reflected in the first performance tests; and also the improvement of the front camera that happens to be 12 MP and have an ultra-wide angle that allows functions such as Center Stage, which keeps us focused on video conferences even if we move on the plane.

Also worth mentioning is the increase in maximum storage capacity that we can configure: up to 2 TB so that our iPad becomes a storage titan. For anyone editing 4K HDR video at 60fps, this can be a key advantage. The higher consumption of 5G connectivity is also noted, which means that autonomy can go from 10 to 9 hours; and the difference in speed and possibilities between the USB-C port of 2020 and the Thunderbolt port of 2021.

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An iPad Pro that portends more surprises in a few months

Apple Ipad Pro M1 2021 Thunderbolt Pantalla

There is something I want to highlight: this iPad Pro may have a “second rebirth”. The power of the M1 chip is going to surprise us with the benchmarks, but I have a feeling that it is something that Apple is not going to take full advantage of. until WWDC21 arrives and iPadOS 15 is presented in society.

The new iMac in detail: Touch ID, base model specs, braided cables, MagSafe, colors, ports and more

Keep in mind that now the iPad has the same power as a Mac. And if Apple boasted of being able to edit even several 4K HDR videos at 60fps using Final Cut thanks to the M1 chip, it means that there is no longer any obstacle for that Final Cut to reach iPadOS. And where I say Final Cut I also say Xcode, for example.

Also, that Thunderbolt port can take much better advantage of 6K displays. While iPadOS 14 is limited to mirroring its screen (with some exceptions in audiovisual applications), iPadOS 15 can reveal many news about it for those iPad Pro. The WWDC21 has suddenly become much more interesting.

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