This is the small electric car that has outsold the Tesla Model 3 in China

Is named Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV and, as its complicated name promises, it is a electric micro-urban low cost which came to the Chinese market in heavy summer. And in less than a year of life it has become a sensation in the People’s Republic, since it is almost 180,000 units sold.

Born in the womb joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling, in which the two Chinese manufacturers and the North American giant join forces, this small zero emissions has already achieved this 2021, at least for now, outperform the Tesla Model 3 in the Chinese market.

Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV: the new Chinese electric bestseller

It is not that they are comparable or much less, beyond the fact that both cars are zero emissions, but the numbers that this small urbanite has achieved in just over nine months on the market are remarkable to say the least. In fact, it already threatens the throne of the Model 3, what was the best-selling electric in China in 2020.

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The main key to the success of the Hong Guang Mini EV is its low price, since it oscillates between about 3,700 and 5,600 euros To the change. It is already known as the zero emissions of the people in the Asian country, of course. Of course in this aspect the Model 3 cannot compete, since it starts from the 41,000 euros (323,800 yuan) there, remaining at about 31,000 euros with applied aid.

The figures of the new Chinese zero emissions bestseller

Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV: the new Chinese electric bestseller

And is that this Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV got in January double that of Palo Alto in numbers, as he signed 25,778 units for the 13,843 units of the Model 3, which has had reliability problems in the Asian country. And in March has achieved a new record with almost 40,000 models sold, almost again doubling those achieved by the Model 3 (25,327 units).

It thus aims to improve its already outstanding numbers of 2020, although it is also true that it will be on sale for a full year and not just six months. Be that as it may, the Mini EV reaped 112,000 units last year and became the second best-selling electric car in China. That is, only behind the Model 3.

These figures are helping it to become one of the most commercialized electric vehicles on the planet. To put them in context, in Europe last year the most marketed zero emissions was the Renault ZOE with 99,261 units, followed precisely by the Tesla Model 3 (85,713) and with the Volkswagen ID.3 (56,118) closing the podium.

And although the population in China is almost double, its market being much larger, they are still heart attack numbers for a newcomer and with such moderate ingredients.

This is the Hong Guang Mini EV, with up to 170 km of autonomy

Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV: the new Chinese electric bestseller

The Hong Guang Mini EV from Wuling measure 2.91 m long, 1.49 m wide and 1.62 m high, with a wheelbase of 1.94 m. Inside it offers room for four occupants and, with the rear seats folded down, it can handle 741 liters of cargo.

By dimensions, it is halfway between a smart EQ fortwo and EQ forfour, which, remember, are already only electric. Although, again, they are far from their price: the forfour starts at more than 25,000 euros and the fortwo at almost 24,500 euros.

It moves thanks to a small motor 20 kW (27 CV) y 85 Nm torque, its maximum speed being 100 km/h. It is also offered with two battery options, one of 9,3 kW and another of 13,9 kWh, which give it an autonomy of 120 km by 170 km respectively, although these data are in the NEDC cycle, so it is actually lower.

Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV: the new Chinese electric bestseller

Well it is true that in ingredients it is light years from Model 3, but it makes up for it with that takedown price. In fact, it is cheaper than not a few urban combustion engines sold here: with the 9.3 kWh battery, its price starts in the 3.690 euros (28,800 yuan) and with the largest capacity in 4.870 euros (38,000 yuan).

The Hong Guang Mini EV range has just been expanded with its Macaron variant, which offers more colors for the bodywork and a more complete equipment, with for example reversing camera, rear parking sensors or pedestrian detection system.

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Its price is slightly higher, but it is still very low: 4.820 euros (37,600 yuan) and 5.600 euros (43,600 yuantes) corresponding to the different battery variants.

We do not know if this little one will arrive in Europe or not, as have other Chinese models signed by SAIC such as the MG ZS EV SUV, but given its success it is not unreasonable that this joint venture Chinoamericana considers opening horizons.

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