Google Pixel Watch could have a camera in an unexpected place

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Google Pixel Watch could have a camera in an unexpected place

Technology is moving towards advancement every moment. Good news for those who are genuinely in love with technology. This time Google Pixel is going to put some new ideas into their devices. They are going to offer a camera to their smartwatches. They are going to put a tiny lens.

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch

So this will allow capturing some shots with the help of your smartwatch (is it not cool?) although this will excite many people for having a camera in their hands! Currently, Google is working on three different watches; Triton, Sardine, and Ling. It is working on everything designs and sizes (although the news can be rumored too).

But Google is all set to offer to lure deal to the users so that no one can say no to that. It is said Google watches are getting its inspiration from the Samsung smartwatches as Samsung watches are round, so Google has also made the same with 320 * 320 pixels resolution.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 31000 processor powers the product of Google, and these specially designed for the compact devices. The main motto of this device was to offer maximum battery life as it will set users free from charging their watches various times.

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On the other hand, if users take their Smartphone outside even at their offices. Also then they will be free from the thought of charging their watches every hour. With time Google has developed and added so many features. Now it is in the process of adding more features camera is the latest one.

Sometimes it happens people love to have a camera not just in their phones but also in other devices. Google has sorted out this issue with its new camera feature. So those who love clicking pictures and loves capturing moments, this will be just the right device to have their side.

As it is Google, so it knows how to maintain its dignity and quality, so Google is not going to compromise with the quality of the camera. If you have a camera in your smartwatch, you can click as many photos as your heart wants.

The size of the camera will be tiny, but the quality of clicking photos will be unmatchable, so one does not need to worry about its quality thing. Users may fully enjoy their variety of camera and collecting some good shots.

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