Lost in Space Season 2: What We Know

Lost in Space Season 2: What We Know 

Back in April 2018, Netflix unleashed the reimaging of the 60s characteristic Lost in Space.

Lost In Space Season 2
Lost In Space Season 2

Good news for all fans is that the [Robinsons] family is continuing their adventures past the 1st ten-episodes and not a gritty reboot.

So if you have not yet watched this fantastic series here is everything you need to know about season two of Lost in Space!

When will Lost in Space Season 2 Air?

According to Omega Underground, filming started back in September 2018 in Vancouver. Furthermore, filming would continue until March this year.

So if you take the filming of season 1 that took around seven months to complete with post-production and CG works we can add a couple of months.

On May 14, 2018, Netflix publicized the second season (a month after the first launch.) Therefore, fans can look forward to it to air towards the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.

More danger is coming so Lost in Space fans should brace themselves for a season packed with many things happening.

Who are the dramatis personae?

The main cast survived continuing with their exploits. For now, it looks like the Robinson families alone. The family ship [ the Jupiter 2] has taken a completely new unknown course.

Returning will be Maureen (Molly Parker) and John (Toby Stephens) the parents. Then we have the kids Judy played by Taylor Russell, Penny played by Mina Sundwall, and Will played by Maxwell Jenkins.

During an interview with Fangirlish, Sundwall mentioned all the challenges the cast faced acting with a green screen.

She said, “You need to imagine yourself in a world that you have never seen as it does not exist and not made yet.” For her, it was an unusual way of acting.

As stated by Sundwall, “you are not limited with your acting feeling constricted by the environment.”

Further, Jenkins told the publication that he found the green screen intimidating and need to pretend. Furthermore, he chatted about the guy in the suit (Robot) being one of the gifted performers making the android look real.

A fact is that Jenkins mentioned there was a part he was stuck in a tree talking with the machine, but talking to a tennis ball placed on a stick.

Another highlight is Sibongile Mlambo (Angela in the story) promoted to a regular in the series. Then we have the shady past Dr. Smith played by June Harris and of course Don West the smuggling rogue as well.

What is more, you can expect to see more of Ignacio Serricchio and Parker Posey getting up to no good. On the other hand, we may see more cameos from the original ‘60s Lost in Space’ after the appearance of Bill Mumy’s in the first season.

Fans can expect two new characters as well Ava aged between 20 and 40 playing the supervisor of mechanics. Then we have the Captain of the Resolute; Commander Jiang described as unsentimental.

What is the Lost in Space Season Two Plot?

Spoiler ahead for those of you who are busy watching season one (so be warned!) Season one had an epic cliffhanger ending.

Just when everyone thoughts the Robinsons was safe for the first time in the season. The family reunites with The Resolute colonists. However, the gang is zapped away mysteriously from the planet that was never named.

As stated by Will, the Robinsons is on a planet connected to The Robot drawing, thus making the new series ‘Planet of the Robots.’

Therefore, you can look forward to this to form the next season’s basis. You can also expect to find out what the human pioneers have been up to using the alien tech they stole.

Jenkins said the second seasons are going to more significant than the first one and impressive.

When Can We Anticipate the Trailer to Show?

If our calculations are right, you can expect to see season two trailer toward the end of the year or beginning of 2020.

Will the Sexy Android Return?

In the season finale, we saw the Robot in a big battle and appear to have met his end in space. However, the sexy droid had died before and returned.

Therefore, we do not think the relationship between the Robot and Will are over and can look forward to seeing more action of this sexy android.

So keep your eyes peeled for Lost in Space Season Two 

The storyline is captivating and different from other science fiction stories. You will encounter loads of robots and dangers throughout the season.

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