How to stop iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur apps from constantly asking you for feedback

One of the annoyances that we can see in the applications that we download from the App Store and the Mac App Store is that We receive requests to evaluate the application in these stores. Each application can only do this three times a year, but we have so many applications installed that the feeling is that we are constantly being asked to post a rating. It is usually something that completely interrupts what we are doing, so it can be irritating.

The good news is that as users, Apple lets us stop developers asking us for these reviews. Let’s see how to do it on iOS / iPadOS and on Macs.

The review is going to end

On an iPhone or iPad, open the Settings application and go to the ‘App Store’ section. There you will find the option ‘In-app ratings‘, which you will deactivate so that all those requests are blocked:

Iphone App Store Ratings

On a Mac with macOS Big Sur, go to the Mac App Store. Click on the top menu ‘App Store’ and enter ‘preferences…’:

Apple Mac App Store Preferencias

In the window that will open you have the option ‘Ratings and reviews within the app‘, which you will deactivate so that no one can ask you for these evaluations:

Apple Mac App Store Ratings

This is what could happen if Apple allowed the installation of applications from outside the App Store

Ready, if we keep these options disabled on all our devices, the applications will not be able to ask us to review them. The developers do it because a set of positive reviews makes you stand out in the catalogBut we have long heard complaints about the inconvenience these requests cause. Fortunately, Apple itself gives us options to block it.

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