Google Open New Service, It’s Tied Up With Doctors

Google Open New Service, It’s Tied Up With Doctors

According to a recent announcement from Google Vice President, He Said that Google is now Tied up with the Doctor. And it will help you to identify accurate information about diseases.

google tie up with doctor
google tie up with doctor

Ben Gomes is the Senior Vice President of the Google in Search and Assistant Department. Behind Collaboration with the doctor Aim is to curate a particular identification of disease based on symptoms. This Tied Up News They announce on Tuesday.

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This Decision is Declared at St Joseph School, When is in an Interaction session with the students. At Joseph School,  Gomes is replying the answer related to upcoming technologies by Google. Where Most of the students are asking them about the Medical Insecurities and How to connect Web to Diagnosing Diseases.

At School, Student Named Clasudis ask the question and raised his concern about the improper information thrown by Google Search Engine. He Said that there is a chance to that improper information misled while doctors are preparing to diagnosed the particular diseases. It harms people if they are conducting the wrong operation based on wrong information.

Gomes Views on Medical Tech

In Replay of that Concern, Gomes Answered, “Actually we have done a lot of work on this. So, what we did is we tied up with a lot of doctors to find out what the probability of some symptom, what probably the disease is to get the qualified information.”

He Included that, Information which is stacked in the Google Search Engine.  Actually, it is curated with the help of the highly qualified and experienced doctor. Further, they added, They curated information from health care company Mayo Clinic and Same way they approach in the other countries as well. So, Students are asked about the questions of computer science.

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For follow the path and inspiration statement of the Gomes is, “When you have curiosity, follow it. Find more about it. Don’t study anything by rote. Just try and understand what it is. It is not easy sometimes. It is the thing that will stay with you later on. Understand what it is about and later use it in creative ways,”

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