S-PEN Feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is Leaked

S-PEN Feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Is Leaked

Before Few Hours of Launch Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Phone feature  S-PEN is leaked. To Launch 10 Series, Samsung will be hosting the Event In Brooklyn, New York. They Hosing the Launch Event named Galaxy Unpacked Event. Timing of the Event will be 4:00 PM on 7 August.

s pen note 10
s pen note 10

Some Marketing Trump Card has been leaked before a few hours of phone launch. This leak is confirmed that Galaxy Note 10 will come with the two sizes. Whole Marketing Document is leaked. Apart from the size in document, there is hidden feature S-PEN is also noted that.

As per report let’s see Samsung Note Series with variant size and that is for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have the 6.3-Inch Display. While Note 10 Plus is coming up with the 6.8-Inch Screen. Both Model have Hole-Punch Selfie Camera.

Cost of the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is different. According to Report, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price is the $949 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus is starting with the $1099. This is the basic feature it won’t affect in the marketing but S-PEN Feature is leaked and it is the trump card of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

S-PEN Feature According to Report

S-PEN is the Stylus feature of the galaxy note 10 series. Features such as Air Gestures, Remotely Switch between camera lenses. Also, Note 10 series will give you a Superfast Charging Feature. By “Hours Of Juice” it will charge your phone within a few minutes. These Reports are accessively spread on the internet and in that one, another leak feature says that Samsung Galaxy Note 1o will come up with the 45W Charging.

Also, Leaked Marketing Material gives you a recent knock about the Samsung Galaxy 10 able to shoot the video. In Material Statement is Stated with the “beautiful portraits, stunning landscapes and crisp, super-closeups in any light”

In Leak Document, First Time Feature Audio Zoom Microphones is also revealed. This feature helps you emphasize the current audio, you can set audio as per your requirement. If you want to focus on video then decrease Audio. Audio Zoom Feature working with both size to Minimize and Maximize the Audio while playing video.

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