Golden Kamuy Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Popular anime Golden Kamuy is adapted from the manga of the same name by Satoru Noda. Saichi Sugimoto, a former soldier, and Asirpa, a young Ainu girl, go on a quest to uncover a lost treasure in Hokkaido in this action-adventure anime. They learn about the Ainu people and their culture as they travel and meet both foes and friends.

The exciting plot, engaging characters, and accurate presentation of the manga have all been cited as reasons to see the anime. Many viewers were left with questions at the conclusion of the fourth season of Golden Kamuy, which ran from October 2022 to June 2023. Is Golden Kamuy returning for a fifth season? As soon as possible, please. I’m curious as to the topic. What follows is the current state of knowledge on Season 5 of Golden Kamuy.

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Release Date

Season 4 of ‘Golden Kamuy’ debuted on October 3, 2022, and it ended on June 26, 2023, a span of almost six months. The sudden loss of a key team member caused the series to be delayed for many weeks. There are thirteen episodes in total, and each one is roughly 23 minutes long. Chikahiro Kobayashi, Haruka Shiraishi, Kentarou Itou, Kenjirou Tsuda, Houchuu Ootsuka, and Yoshimasa Hosoya are just some of the brilliant voice actors featured in this Shizutaka Sugahara-directed drama.

Concerning the fifth episode of the historical adventure series, we have some exciting news to share. Studio Brain’s Base has been renewed for a fifth and final season of the anime. Considering that anime has become one of the most cherished series since its debut in 2018, this is not surprising. The number of followers increased in the years that followed.

The production company has made no public announcements on the debut dates of the previous season. However, Studio Brain’s Base seems to have had everything plotted out in advance since the renewal news came out so fast. Season 5 of ‘Golden Kamuy’ will likely launch in the second or third quarter of 2024, based on previous seasons’ normal production times and the assumption that no unanticipated delays would occur.

Golden Kamuy Story

The widow of Saichi Sugimoto’s fallen comrade in the Battle of 203 Hill now relies on his income as a panner in Hokkaido. An inebriated elderly man approaches Sugimoto and tells him a rumor about a massive gold stash hidden in Abashiri Prison escapees’ weird tattoos.

Sugimoto dismisses the story as false, only to find the elderly man brandishing a pistol at him the next morning, apologizing for revealing too much. Sugimoto overpowers the old guy and chases him into the woods, where he eventually finds him dead at the hands of a bear. The old man’s chest, back, and shoulders are covered with a big geometric tattoo.

Sugimoto believes the tale to be genuine after being rescued from the bear by a young Ainu girl called Asirpa, and advises they work together to retrieve the Ainu wealth. Asirpa doesn’t care about the gold, but she does desire revenge for her father, who was slain along with the other Ainu miners.

The inmates were always meant to be killed and skinned, as shown by the seams in their tattoos, which were discovered during the autopsy. Asirpa, who is opposed to murdering until absolutely necessary, proposes they attempt to work with any inmates they uncover by just tracing their tattoos.

Sugimoto’s crew soon recruits Shiraishi, an escape artist and tattooed inmate, and they find themselves at odds and allied with other groups collecting the tattoos, including First Lieutenant Tsurumi, the mad head of the 7th Division, and Hijikata Toshiz, who is said to be the last remaining samurai.

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Cast

  • Saichi Sugimoto, voiced by Chikahiro Kobayashi
  • Asirpa, voiced by Haruka Shiraishi
  • Hyakunosuke Ogata, voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Toshizo Hijikata, voiced by Houchu Otsuka
  • Yoshitake Shiraishi, voiced by Kentaro Ito
  • Genjirou Tanigaki, voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Plot

Season 5 of the popular program Golden Kamuy has fans waiting with bated breath. Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for season five because of how season four ended. There will be more twists and turns in Season 5 than in any previous season.There will be both familiar and unfamiliar faces in this season.

Golden Kamuy Rating

I can say confidently that the series is quite nice if you’ve never watched it before and are wondering about its quality. The average audience rating on MyAnimeList is 8.33, and the program has a decent IMDb score of 8.1/10.

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Trailer

The Season 5 Golden Kamuy official trailer has not yet been released. So yet, just a teaser image has been shown, which depicts Sugimoto and Asirpa staring each other down. The words “Final Chapter” are also inscribed in red on the image. While the teaser image does not provide many specifics regarding Season 5’s narrative or tone, it does allude to some interesting possibilities.

Where to watch Golden Kamuy?

Previous seasons of Golden Kamuy are available to watch or rewatch on many different streaming services. The anime may be watched with or without English subtitles or dubbed on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and VRV. Two OVA episodes will be broadcast in 2019 and 2020, and both will be available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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