“Frozen 2”: Are you ready for another adventure?

“Frozen 2”: Are you Ready for Another Adventure?
Here, We will give you several details for one of the most anticipated Disney movies. Just Calm Down Because We all want to see her!!
In 2013, “Frozen” raised more than 1.2 billion dollars in the box office collection worldwide. At that time it became the fifth highest-grossing animated film in history.

Frozen 2
Frozen 2

The film also managed to win the Oscar for Best Animated Film. It also got an award of Best Original Songs Category for the song “Let It Go”. After all this, Disney can not hesitate a bit to make a second part.

The “Frozen 2” will bring back Princess Anna and her sister, Queen Elsa, with new adventures that will test their union and strength.

In the Trailer, we can see that Elsa is trapped on an island and she wishes to escape it with the help of her Snowy Powers.

However, the Queen of Arendelle is unsuccessful in doing it. Since the strong spell of the island prevents her from moving forward.

Later his sister, Anna, along with Kristoff, the reindeer Sven and the charismatic Olaf appear in the scenes. They will cross the castle doors and travel on an adventure through the forest to learn the truth about an ancient mystery of the kingdom.


Details are not much. But In fact, the trailer also does not tell much. However, Kristen Bell has commented in some interviews that: “Frozen 2 is not a sequel, it will be a story that needs to be told”. While on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Bell also said that there would be two new characters.

“Frozen 2” will be released first in Guatemala on November 21, 2019. Everyone wants to see it!

The Aftermath That We All Love Disney has always sought to expand the universes of its films through second parts. This time it will be surely extraordinary. What do you think?

“The Incredibles 2”. The superfamily returned in 2018 after 14 years of the first part. It has very well received a Worldwide collection: 608.5 million dollars.
“Toy Story 2” The first part was released in 1995 and the second part came in 1999. It also has a Global collection: 500 million dollars “Finding Dory”.

It arrived in 2016, 13 years after the first and was a Happy Moment for “Nemo” fans. It has a Global collection: 486.2 million dollars.

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