Without shyness! Suzy Cortez exposes her voluptuous ass in the streets of Mexico

Without shyness! Suzy Cortez exposes her voluptuous ass in the streets of Mexico The Brazilian model Forget the Sensuality in the Last Postcards That She Shared From Her Visit To Mexico.

 Suzy Cortez
Suzy Cortez

The sensual fitness model “Suzy Cortez” hypnotized the Mexicans during her visit to the “land of the Mariachi.” The Brazilian shared some inspiring images on her Instagram account. Well, she knows how to show her perfectly curved body well in the Aztec country.

“Thanks to all the newspapers to have their Faithful love for me,” says the legend that accompanies a sexy video of the young woman. In This Video Cortez can be seen showing her wild booty pictures in the streets of Mexico.


But that was not all. Because in another clip, you can see images of Suzy singing in her exuberant curves walking on a zebra crossing. Comments from worldwide fans were instantly buzzing in her phone when she posted the picture. The pictures are highlighting how good the young woman of only 29 years looks.

In another hot photograph, you can read, “How Dare You” embodied in the body of the famous Brazilian model. This last snapshot reached over more than 11 thousand likes.


It should be noted that Susy Cortez is one of the people’s favorite to win in the new Miss Bum Bum contest. An event that was held in Mexico.


Another participant of the famous contest is Rayane Souza, who is originally from France. “ I want to be an example for many girls who study and work Parallely. I want them to see that everything can be done if you wish,” Souza said during an interview.

The final gala of the event will take place today. Other contestants listed are Bruna Valentim, Gracyanne Barbosa and Stefania Silveira.
We must Recall that Suzy won The Miss Bum Bum Brazil. Currently, Cortez exceeds more than two million followers on her Instagram account.

Also, Cortez has repeatedly embarrassed Lionel Messi with the moving images on Social Media. War of “sensual photos” between Suzy Cortez and Antonella Roccuzzo


It seems that the Brazilian Miss BumBum declared war against the couple soccer player Lionel Messi and Cortez. These are the pictures that you can show above. Also, a few days ago, A collection of risque images was shared in honor of the FC Barcelona player.

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