Fortnite, Season 4: how to complete all the challenges of Week 4

The challenges of the Fortnite Week 4 Chapter 2 Season 4, the completion of which allows you to get enough Experience Points to climb some level of the Battle Pass. Here are all the tips to quickly complete the new weekly challenges.

Examine chests in Throbbing Marsh (0/7)

Nothing new this week too: land in Pantano Palpitating in one or more games and open as many chests as possible. Having reached a total of seven open chests you will complete the challenge.

Eliminations in Frignante Forest (0/3)

Another known challenge that requires a total of three kills in a point of interest and, as usual, not necessarily in the same game. Make sure you complete this mission as soon as possible, as in the next few days many will be landing in Frignante Forest, making your job easier.

Inflict damage within 10 seconds of bouncing from an umbrella in Sweaty Sands (0/100)

This mission isn’t particularly complex: jump on one of the many umbrellas around Sweaty Sands and fire on the enemies within 10 seconds of landing. With a little luck, you may come across a bot or a player without weapons.

Destroy the Collector’s Showcases at the Collection (0/3)

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This is the usual weekly challenge set in one of the Marvel-themed places. On our pages you will find the guide on how to destroy the windows of the Collector at the Collection in Fortnite.

Hackera i robot di Stark all Stark Industries (0/5)

This is another Marvel-themed challenge, since it’s all about Tony Stark’s aggressive robots. Also in this case you will find everything you need to know about how to hack Stark robots at Stark Industries on our pages.

Destroy binders (0/20)

This challenge involves the Gluttons, those huge flying objects that can be found around the map and that attack players with laser beams. In this case we suggest you read our tips on how to destroy the Gatherers of the Gluttonous and quickly complete the challenge.

Inflict damage with the remnants of a binder (0 / 10,000, group challenge)

The Group Challenge of the week also involves the Gluttons, as Gatherers must be used as firearms to rack up damage. On our pages you will find more detailed information on how to inflict damage with the remains of a Collector.


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