Fate / Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel 3 arrives on Netflix: the announcement of Dynit

One of the franchises that is becoming increasingly popular even in the West is that of Fate/Stay Night, also thanks to an anime adaptation above expectations thanks to the efforts of the ufotable studio. But when will the highly anticipated third Heaven’s Feel film be released in Italy?

A few weeks after the release of the latest trailer for Heaven’s Feel 3, presented on the occasion of the home video release scheduled for March, also Dynit has finally decided to dissolve the reservations on the final film of the trilogy that it will not be released in cinemas in Italy. Through a post published on Facebook and on the official website, the publisher announces the release date of the anime in the Bel Paese.

The feature film will indeed released on Netflix in April, a few days after the release of Blu Ray in Japan. You can also take a look at the trailer dubbed in Italian in the video attached at the top of the page. Dynit describes the plot of Heaven’s Feel with the following synopsis:

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Wizards and Heroic Spirits fight and battle each other in the Holy Grail War in order to obtain the almighty cup capable of fulfilling a wish. A war now distorted, where a girl named Sakura Matou plunges into the darkest darkness due to the sins committed, and a boy named Shirou Emiya launches into the furious battle to protect the girl he loves and stop the war once and for all.

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