Eva Lasting Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The adolescent years are more complicated than you may expect, aren’t you? We have to resist these internal struggles, these uncontrollable mood swings, and these meaningless dramas. Everyone here is well-versed in them, right? I think this is the main reason why adolescent dramas are so popular. One adolescent drama that may make you laugh till you cry and remember your adolescence is Eva Lasting.

Among the most remarkable shows of its kind, the original Netflix series Eva Lasting is destined for greatness. No one should be surprised that season 2 has turned into a talking point, given how many people are already enjoying the show. Shall we now find out what happens in season 2 of Eva Lasting?

Eva Lasting Season 2 Renewal Status

Thanks to your support, Netflix has ordered a second season of Eva Lasting! The decision is based on the show’s excellent performance, particularly in areas where Spanish is spoken.

After just one month on the market, Eva Lasting has already broken into the top ten in over 20 countries according to Netflix’s database. Content Director for Colombia, Argentina, and Chile Carolina Leconte verified the story via Twitter.

Eva Lasting Season 2 Release Date

On January 15, 2023, Eva Lasting was released. Assuming everything goes according to plan, the second season of Eva Lasting should be available by the end of 2024.

Eva Lasting Story

Eva Lasting focuses on Eva Samper, the pioneer of co-ed public schooling in Bogotá, Colombia, who is the first female to attend an all-boys high school. The story takes place in 1976 and features period attire, automobiles, and the city’s first bowling alley. Among her many strange acquaintances, she forms a bond with Camilo Granados. The group gets taken advantage of and has fun with Eva’s superior understanding of relationships, literature, and international politics.

Eva Lasting Cast

  • Emmanuel Restrepo as Camilo Granados
  • Francisca Estévez as Eva Samper
  • Santiago Alarcón as José Granados
  • Brandon Figueredo as Álvaro Castro
  • Mateo García as Rodrigo Arbeláez
  • Verónica Orozco as Ana de Granado
  • Sergio Palau as Martin Salcedo
  • Julián Cerati as Gustavo Pabón Linares
  • John Alex Toro as Henry Pabón
  • Mónica Giraldo as Adela
  • Angelo Valotta as Quiñones
  • Cecilia Navia as Profesora Estela
  • Santiago Heins as Edgar Acuña
  • Billy Heins as William Acuña
  • Catherine Mira as Brigitte
  • Sara Pinzón as Luisa Salcedo
  • Cristian Duque as Milton Guzmán
  • Ella Becerra as Sara
  • Fernando Lara as Miguel Chacón
  • Diana Belmonte as Lucrecia Linares de Pabón
  • Adriana Arango as Dr. Alicia López

Eva Lasting Ending

For a while, Eva hid her private issues from her pals. Camilo got his hands on the headlines that her father’s fraudulent actions made it into every newspaper. Because he was so desperate, word spread across the school about Eva’s problems, and soon enough, people started acting hostile toward her.

Unfortunately, Eva and Camilo were once again the victims of misfortune. The authorities determined that her aunt, who lived in the US, would take care of her because she was a juvenile. Because Camilo could not stand the thought of losing Eva, he absconded with her. They settled into a cottage on the outskirts of town.

Eva Lasting Season 2 Plot

Season one of Eva Lasting focuses on the lives of Eva and Camilo Granados and deals with typical adolescent emotions. Season 2 would show us what Eva gets up to after college. The fact that Camilo and Eva are shown as teens suggests that season 2 might explore their mature selves.

Season 2 of Eva Lasting might also have Eva navigating unexpected friendships, plot twists, and partnerships in which she has little interest. The creators might also show Camilo tending to his damaged heart with Eva’s support. Several plot points are at the producers’ disposal; we can only wait to see which ones they choose!

Eva Lasting Rating

Both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have given Eva Lasting high marks; the former gave it 8/10 while the latter gave it 90%. Since its debut, the program has made it into the top 10 on Netflix in fifteen different nations, although it has failed to do so in any country where the official language is not Spanish. The program has peaked in several nations, including Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

Eva Lasting Review

The exciting, frantic tempo of Eva Lasting is true to the show’s DNA; it’s necessary for conveying the mayhem of coming-of-age stories set at a Colombian all-boys school in the 1970s. In what seems to be an excellent effort to educate its intended audience, the series promotes feminist ideas, issues, and literature.

Because it addresses issues, people, and plot points that are quite relevant to the present day, Eva Lasting is a throwback that manages to seem very current. The series is hilarious, cringeworthy, and full of adolescent coolness, with progressive and feminist ideals that are worth admiring.

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