5 Games Like Block City Rampage

5 Games Like Block City Rampage

Nothing is more relaxing than destroying and blowing up everything in your path. With the game Block City Rampage, you can destroy whatever you want. In this game, you’ll crash, blow up, and destroy anything in your path!

With the weapon in hand, the game’s pixel hero is always ready to take on the steel robot mechs ravaging the city. If wreaking havoc is your goal, then this game will allow you to do just that. Not just on your bike, but also on a jetpack, you can explore the city in a variety of ways. You can even climb to the tops of skyscrapers for additional incredible ammo and power-ups.

5 Games like Block City Rampage

Block City Rampage is indeed a fun mobile game and if you are looking for similar games, you are at the right place. Here, we have made a short but comprehensive list of games that you will enjoy if you liked Block City Rampage.

#1. Hovercraft: Takedown

Hovercraft: Takedown is a 3D racing game in which you control a police helicopter that you must utilize to track down robbers on the highways. You don’t precisely issue traffic tickets, either. Instead, you crush your opponents’ vehicles to smithereens, quite similar to Block City Rampage.

You can modify your hovercraft in this fast-paced game in any manner you like. It can be armed with missiles, rockets, lasers, and other weapons. To make your vehicle more damaging to foes, you can gather and win consumables and gear from card packs in this game. Play with your buddies and let your competitive side go. Try to be the best player in the game and rule the leader boards!

#2. Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale

What happens when you add zombies, street racing, and evil giant robots to Block City Rampage? Well, you get Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale! You can play this action simulation pixel shooter game in several different game modes. It includes several shooting games in which you may compete against other players or team up with them to fight zombies.

There’s a free-for-all battle mode as well as a battle royale game. There’s also a racing game mode in the game to see who’s the fastest racer. Giant robots can even be used to fight against even larger ones in one of the game modes. It’s up to you which game you like and willing to go an extra mile to play the same!

#3. The Survival Hunter Games 2

The Survival Hunter Games 2 can be pegged under the retro gaming theme of pixels, not unlike Block City Rampage. It is a pixelated action-adventure game designed for Android users.

To survive, players need to take down various enemies at each level before they take the players down. Players need a large armory of weaponry, including rifles, swords, crossbows, and shotguns, to accomplish this. The levels are brief, lasting about three or four minutes each.

#4. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

If you are looking for more adventure and action after playing Block City Rampage then gear up as Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is just the game for you! It is a third-person shooting game and a pixelated version of the popular game PUBG.

The Player’s goal is to be the last person standing after a massive battle royale in which they face off against other players on a weapon-laden island. But as you play, a diminishing forcefield will restrict the size of the scenario. After 5 minutes, all players must be in the middle part of the map or they will perish.

#5. Bed Wars

Bed Wars has the same core aim as Block City Rampage with similar block graphics. If you are looking for a fun team-up PvP game to play on your Android, Bed Wars is a fun action-strategy block game.

The premise of Bed Wars is simple: players must construct beds and block other players from demolishing them, while also attempting to destroy their enemies’ beds. 16 players will be split into four teams, each with its own island where the game will begin.

Final Words

Are you ready to move on from Block City Rampage to another game? Which of the above games will you choose to play? And if you think we missed out on any good ones, then drop your suggestion here and we will get them added at the earliest! If you ask us, we loved playing The Survival Hunters Games 2.

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