Where to Watch Eva Lasting?

How much of a change there is from your usual routine depends on how well things are following the guidelines. Sometimes, to challenge long-established social mores and prejudices, one must be willing to stand firm. The newest teen drama, Eva Lasting, is prepared to dispel certain myths about the 1970s and, by extension, about modern times as a whole.

According to CinemaBlend, the Columbian series Eva Lasting (formerly known as La Primera Vez) will premiere on the streaming site on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 3.01 a.m. ET. An adolescent girl enrolls at an all-boys school in Columbia in the 1970s, as shown in the film. During one of the most formative times of her life, it follows her as she forms various types of friendships and love relationships.

Where to watch Eva Lasting?

Given that Netflix Latin America developed Eva Lasting and owns all broadcast rights, the show’s episodes will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Eva Lasting Plot

The fictitious Jose Maria Root Public School is the setting for this juvenile drama, which takes place in Bogotá, Columbia, in the 1970s.

A teenage girl called Eva Samper, whose identity remains a mystery, arrives at the all-boys school and causes a stir. Although most of Eva’s classmates find her defiant and charismatic, timid adolescent Camilo Granados finds himself hopelessly infatuated with her.

But he’s never been in a romantic relationship, so he struggles to capture Eva’s interest. Even worse, Camilo finds out that Eva is hiding something from him, which might ruin their relationship. But Camilo keeps trying to win over his first love, and he never gives up.

Eva Lasting Cast

Eva Samper is played by Francisca Estevez Navas. She has been in La Nieta Elegida and Las Noches de Luciana, two Spanish television series, so you could know her from them. She was also Maria in the horror film The Devil’s Child and Amber in the crime thriller Promising Young Woman.

Playing the role of Camilo Granados is Emmanuel Restrepo. Enfermeras, Las Pasantes, Álbum, Cómo sobreviví al 2020, and News of a Kidnapping are some of his most famous roles.

The whole cast is here:

  • Emmanuel Restrepo as Camilo Granados
  • Francisca Estévez as Eva Samper
  • Santiago Alarcón as José Granados
  • Brandon Figueredo as Álvaro Castro
  • Mateo García as Rodrigo Arbeláez
  • Verónica Orozco as Ana de Granado
  • Sergio Palau as Martin Salcedo
  • Julián Cerati as Gustavo Pabón Linares
  • John Alex Toro as Henry Pabón
  • Mónica Giraldo as Adela
  • Angelo Valotta as Quiñones
  • Cecilia Navia as Profesora Estela
  • Santiago Heins as Edgar Acuña
  • Billy Heins as William Acuña
  • Catherine Mira as Brigitte
  • Sara Pinzón as Luisa Salcedo
  • Cristian Duque as Milton Guzmán

Eva Lasting Trailer

On January 18, 2023, Netflix unveiled the official trailer for La Primera Vez, also known as Eva Lasting. It gives viewers a sneak peek at all the major plot points that will happen in the protagonist’s life after she enrolls at an all-boys school.

In the first scene of the video, Eva is introduced to the other pupils by her instructor as she joins the class. At first, it’s uncomfortable since so many males appear interested in her.

After that, the video continues to show how her life changes while at school due to her making friends, playing soccer with other students, and experiencing other events. It seems like several males are smitten with her from the moments seen in the teaser, which further complicates matters.

Eva Lasting Review

I found the series’ distinctive narrative technique to be the most interesting part. The names of the episodes are taken from well-known works of literature that relate to the storyline.

Themes of sexism and feminism were introduced via several classic works, including love stories like Romeo and Juliet, written by renowned writers. The social climates of the past and now are radically different from one another. The producers did an excellent job of bringing attention to the underrepresented experiences of women in the 1970s, which is a topic that is often ignored in the media.

Also shown were the difficulties males face in society, particularly the need to present a powerful image at all times. Also featured prominently throughout the thirteen-part series were taboo topics related to sexuality and the pervasive religious influence in most households.

Eva Lasting Age Rating

It’s solely meant for older audiences since it’s classified as TV-MA. Reasons for the content’s age classification include explicit language, sexual content, smoking, and drug use. Children shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of material. As a result, you should probably watch this program while the kids aren’t around.

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