Edgar Wright’s masterpiece that far surpasses most Marvel and DC adaptations

Scott Pilgrim was the protagonist of a series of six Bryan Lee O’Malley comics, published between 2004 and 2010. An adaptation was attempted from the outset through producer Marc Platt, although O’Malley was not overly excited about the comics. proposals. Following the success of ‘Zombies Party (Shaun of the Dead)’, young British filmmaker Edgar Wright became a new sensation. His partnership with Michael Bacall to write the script set the director’s masterpiece in motion.

Life in a game

Universal wanted Seth Rogen as Scott Pilgrim, following the success of ‘Embarrassing Mess’, but Wright wasn’t really convinced that he would be an ideal role for the future lead of ‘The Green Hornet’. The director proposes Michael Cera after seeing him in ‘Arrested Development’. After the successes of ‘Supersalidos’ and ‘Juno’ the actor receives the ok without problem from the studio. Time has proved Wright right because we are not only facing an actor of extraordinary talent, it is that NOBODY else could put himself in the shoes of good old Pilgrim.

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If in the case of the protagonist the idea came from the director, the idea of ​​Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the role of Ramona Flowers is linked to Quentin Tarantino, a good friend of Wright. The actress was in ‘Death Proof’ and following the advice of his friend, Wright immediately sees her as the ideal version of Ramona, especially because of her large eyes. The rest of the cast is completed with ease. Chris Evans accept without hesitation, Kieran Culkin passes the tests without knowing for what role, and Brie Larson leaves everyone stunned during her audition. Culkin acknowledges that even though Wright had absolutely everything on his mind, even the music, filming was not easy. Constant reviews and wait until the green light of the study for each one.

Because the sixth and final volume of the comics was not yet finished when the movie was completed, comic and feature film inspired each other. Edgar Wright imagined and filmed an ending in which Scott consolidates his relationship with Knives, but after the test screenings, a new ending was filmed, where he ultimately decides to continue his life with Ramona. O’Malley will choose the same conclusion for the closing of his comic.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

The film is presented at Comic Con 2010 with the entire cast, the reception is impressive and promises to be a hit in theaters. Mary Elizabeth Winstead remembers how at Comic-Con it seemed they were before the biggest movie ever. Unfortunately, the reality would be very different. With a budget of $ 60 million (excluding marketing), the film grossed less than $ 50 worldwide, including just thirty in the United States. Something that ten years later is even more difficult to explain.

An incomprehensible failure

Stallone and ‘Los Mercenarios’ are largely responsible for this poor reception. Billboard companion, the action film full of old glories of the genre will end up grossing more than 270 million at the global box office. It also had to compete with ‘Eat, pray, love’, another attractive reheated dish for the worst public that filled those rooms. The film debuted in fifth place at the box office, a tragedy. Universal will quickly take on the failure with a message to the press: “We have always been aware of the challenge of bringing this film to the general public. I wish more people had gone to see it.”

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Like so many other (unfair) failures, ‘Scott Pilgrim Against the World’ will become a cult title over the years. Last year Edgar Wright came to a great conclusion with his usual phlegm: “I am incredibly proud of the film. The fact that articles are being written for the 10 years of Scott Pilgrim and not the 10 of ‘The Mercenaries’ says so. all”.

Pilgrim characters

In the matter, Edgar Wright’s film is a spectacle like no other. With an incredible sense of rhythm and millimeter precision for each beat, each silence, or each effect, the filmmaker refined his style until he achieved the biggest and most forceful movie of his career. And the soundtrack is one more character. Has anyone been able to get the tracking shot of the opening credits out of their head?

When a filmmaker like Edgar Wright combines all his talents as a director, combining his clairvoyance and hooligan spirit with his spectacular, pristine staging, the result is practically magic. Beyond the incredible visual effects, Edgar Wright’s narrative is superb. Scott Pilgrim is a constant game at all levels. From editing to lighting to ellipsis, music and sound effects. An electrifying and enjoyable playground for a gifted filmmaker in the prime of his career.

Wright’s film is a story about sentimental immaturity and emotional learning, conveyed by terribly moving and imperfect characters but fully aware of their idiosyncrasies whom the script cherishes and loves as if they were its own children. It is very possible that ‘Scott Pilgrim against the world’ hit the screens a decade in advance. Maybe more. Maybe in the future it will be recognized once and for all the importance of this movie or the extraordinary ‘Speed ​​Racer’, which we will have to talk about at some point. Perhaps its Dolby Cinema rerun is the best time to put things right. As it does not seem that at the moment they are going to send the film to our rooms, we will have to settle for the video game.

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