50 million copies for My Hero Academia worldwide: the data in detail

In Japan, the publication of My Hero Academia continues with the number 30. Now the Kohei Horikoshi manga is a staple of Weekly Shonen Jump and the battle shonen of 2010, and it will be for a few more years. Even the numbers prove it, with the work that always manages to sell a lot to each tankobon made available on the shelves.

It was recently revealed that My Hero Academia has hit 50 million copies, confirming how much the work is adored. THE data refer to the circulation of volumes all over the world, and in the last few hours it has been revealed what exactly those data refer to.

Of the 50 million copies revealed by Shueisha, 37 belong to the Japanese territory, which is confirmed to be the natural and ideal market for this kind of works, while the remaining 13 million refer to copies available around the rest of the world. The My Hero Academia manga makes high numbers in the United States of America, where it is always one of the best-selling comics, and also gets excellent results in France. However, the precise and updated numbers nation by nation are not known.

At the moment My Hero Academia is published in 58 countries around the world, including Italy where it is distributed under the brand of Star Comics, with the Italian publishing house that has recently made available the volume 27.

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