Dragon Ball Z: Kame House becomes accessible in the House Flipper video game

Dragon Ball Z is often featured in numerous giveaways, the latest of which was featured by developer Empyrean in his own game. Here’s what it is.

House Flipper allows the player to playing a renovator ready to buy, repair and resell various buildings in dire condition. Thanks to the latest update available from April 1st, among the houses ready to be renovated there is one that many fans of Akira Toriyama’s work will be able to recognize. It is called the Turtle House but it is evident from a first glance that it is the Kame House, the home of master Roshi.

While never naming the manga the graphics with which the new additions are presented, visible at the end of this news, undoubtedly recalls one of the most famous anime ever. Also a description of the new version of the game reads: “House Flipper’s April Fool update takes you on a journey through memory: discover a tropical island, filled with glittering treasures, which may bring some of you a sense of familiarity. Collect all mysterious spheres rumored to have ties to fantastic dragons and buy and sell a house that once belonged to a tortoise shell martial arts master!“.

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