Dragon Ball Super: Best moments of Vegeta and Bulma as parents

Dragon Ball Super is a franchise that has received some of the widest praise possible for a number of anime. The structure of the show has inspired many of the anime that followed. The series of Akira Toriyama excels when it comes to intense action sequences and thrilling transformations.

However, there are many other dynamics of the series to appreciate and one detail that can often be overlooked is that many of the characters are proud parents. This is a very interesting point for an action series.

Vegeta and Find They are two of the main couples in Dragon Ball Super. Both began their parenthood in Dragon Ball Z with the birth of Trunks and later on DBS with their daughter Bra. Following, The Truth News shares with you some of the best moments of these characters as parents.

Bulma spoils Trunks with gifts

Bulma, Vegeta and Trunks’ Vacation (Toei Animation)

Real love and affection are always more important than material objects and Bulma does not use toys and inventions as a means to compensate for negligent behavior, but is simply abWelcome benefit of the extreme wealth of the Brief family. Bulma makes sure that Trunks is comfortable and can at least enjoy his childhood.

Vegeta knows how to motivate Trunks

Just because people are spending time together doesn’t mean they’re actually making a connection. It would be entirely possible for Vegeta to be around his son 24/7 to get him trained, but learn absolutely nothing about him in the process.

On several occasions, Vegeta is able to push Trunks further into his training because you know how to motivate your child and what kind of incentives do you value. It might not sound like a big deal, but it shows Vegeta’s implicit understanding of Trunks and what he cares about.

Bulma always helped Trunks from the future

Bulma from the future always helped Trunks

Opposites certainly attract when it comes to Bulma and Vegeta, and she is the most brilliant scientific mind of the pair. The bluehead can use her knowledge to help Future Trunks to repair his time machine and return home, but also joins him during this time.

Additionally, Dragon Ball Super shows that Bulma is still present in Future Trunks’ devastated timeline and continues to assist him with his needs, be they emotional or technological in nature. Genius has been helpful in many settings, but it’s lovely to see it connected to your child’s goals.

Vegeta was during the birth of Bra

Bulma and Chi-Chi at the birth of Bra (Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball represents some pregnancies throughout her career and Bulma’s second pregnancy coincides just as Goku is recruiting participants to represent him. Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power. Vegeta’s involvement is crucial, but he refuses to leave until Bulma gives birth.

Bulma may seem as considerate here as Vegeta, but Vegeta has a chance to leave and he doesn’t take it. He wants to be there with his daughter from the first moment and not be absent in any way, even if it’s something she won’t remember.

Bulma knows when to give her son space

Bulma always lets Vegeta and Trunks train (Toei Animation)

Dominant parents are a very real thing and Chi-Chi is an excellent example of a mother who means well, just because her choking attitude is likely to do more harm than good to her children.

Bulma knows best and trusts Trunks incredibly and allows him the freedom to do whatever he wants, within reason, and learn about life through experience. Do you consider Vegeta and Bulma good parents? Many fans can’t wait to see more anime Dragon Ball Super and thus receive other special moments from the couple.

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