ONE PIECE: Did the flashback highlight the similarities between Roger and Luffy?

In the already long-lived story arc of ONE PIECE, set in the Country of Wa, Eiichiro Oda has decided to take us back to the past, making us relive the fundamental moments in the life of Kozuki Oden, and showing us in more depth the character of Gol D. Roger, during the last, great, journey that made him the King of the Pirates.

Several times in the course of the narrative, and thanks above all to the theories of the fans, they have been emphasized many similarities between Monkey D. Luffy and Roger, not only for the iconic Straw Hat passed through three generations, considering Shanks as its previous owner, but also in the attitudes, in the willpower that they both employ to achieve their goals, and for the total trust they have in their companions.

Luffy appears essentially more instinctive than Roger, although his young age may fully justify this attitude, but to further confirm the intention of Oda and the authors of the animated transposition to highlight a link between the two, there is a very short scene from episode 967 that user @ downterrible1 showed in the post below. As Luffy had said long ago, too Roger realizes he has to go to heaven, and communicates it to his companions, including Oden himself, with the same gesture made many episodes ago by the protagonist.

We remember that some men were arrested for illegal fishing on a ship called Going Merry, and we leave you to the spoilers and the full summary of chapter 1009.

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