Doona Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Was Lee Doona’s relationship with WonJun successful? Doona stars Bae Susy as the former K-pop star and Yang Se-Jong as the Seoul student Lee Wanjun. The protagonist, Lee Doona, is a former K-pop star turned student who moves in with her new roommate, Wanjun. Despite their differences, they learn about each other and fall in love while doing so.

The reality is that season one was the only time we saw them really fall in love. But for two individuals so different from one another, feeling love is an entirely another tale. Being in each other’s lives requires the ability to have tough talks, to make both concrete and intangible adjustments, and to commit to the mundane but necessary labor that comes with it. Their more mature love may be explored in Season 2 of Doona.

Doona Season 2 Renewal Status

Doona!’s renewal at Netflix is up in the air at the moment. There has been no word from the production company on the fate of the love K-Drama series, which has shown for a single season consisting of nine episodes. Doona! joins the increasing number of Korean originals still awaiting word on whether or not they made the cut. Many series, including D.P., The Glory, Black Knight, and Celebrity, are now in limbo, awaiting word on whether or not they will be given a second season.

Despite Netflix investing millions of dollars in Korean content throughout the last three years, only a select few of their popular series have been renewed as of this writing. A few of the shows have sequels certain while the rest of us wait anxiously: Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead, Sweet Home, and Hellbound.

Doona Season 2 Release Date

There has been no word from Netflix on whether or not they will be renewing this K-drama at this time. Netflix normally takes roughly a month to make a renewal decision after reviewing the performance of a series on the site.

If a second season of Doona is in the works, we may hear news about it by the end of November 2023. If the show is renewed by November 2023, production on season two might start as early as December 2023 or January 2024, depending on when the screenplay is finished.

Doona Story

A former K-pop star, Lee Doo-na (Bae Suzy), now lives with a college student, Won-jun (Yang Se-jong), in a home they both rent. After spending time together, the two begin to develop romantic feelings for one another.

The K-drama follows Doo-na and Won-jun on their individual and collective travels throughout nine episodes. Fans were hoping for a joyful finish, but instead, the series ended on a sorrowful note for both the characters and the viewers. The main characters had feelings for one other, but they finally broke up because they were too busy pursuing their own dreams.

Doona Cast

  • Bae Suzy as Lee Doo-na
  • Yang Se-jong as Lee Won-jun
  • Shin Ha-young as Kim Jin-joo
  • Kim Do-wan as Goo Jeong-hoon
  • Park Se-wan as Choi I-ra
  • Kim Min-ho as Seo Yun-taek
  • Kim Sun-young as Doo-na’s mother
  • Kim Yoo-mi as the representative of Doo-na’s agency
  • Baek Ji-hye as Eun-joo
  • Lee Jin-wook as Park In-wook

Doona Ending

Won Jun and Doona’s relationship ended at the conclusion of the series. Doona’s agency forbade her from having a partner because of her return to the spotlight as a K-pop star. Worse worse, Won Jun’s life may be severely disrupted or perhaps ended if the overzealous Doona fandom found out that Doona had a boyfriend.

Doona and Won Jun finally met again a few years later at a friend’s reunion. He’s getting ready for a job interview with the government, and Doona is a huge K-pop star. But they don’t start dating again, and she becomes hostile to Won Jun because he isn’t being open about his emotions for her. However, he gradually relaxes and the two have a warm embrace.

Later on, Doona is working in Japan, where Won Jun also has a job, and the two are last seen together. Unfortunately, despite their proximity, destiny is unkind, and they miss one another. Doona looks around as if knowing her soul mate is close, but the moment passes without her seeing him, implying that although they continue to recall each other, they have both gone on.

Doona Season 2 Plot

At the conclusion of Doona Season 1, we assume that Won Jun and Doona are still together. Nonetheless, they would need to figure out how to manage their partnership. Doona’s feelings for Wook have changed, but she still sees him as an important part of her life. Given his past of envy, it’s hard to predict how Won Jun might respond.

Doona’s life is still heavily influenced by her profession and agency, despite the fact that she has her phone back and more freedom than she used to have. Doona dating an ordinary person: what would they say? Doona had a large following but a poor reputation in the industry when it came to celebrity relationships. What if there’s a long-standing disagreement or misunderstanding that needs clearing up?

Doona could have to pretend to be seeing someone else, or even makeup tales about her, if she wants to attract attention. Won Jun may not like being a spectator looking at this. One of the primary causes he broke up with Doona was because of her eccentric attitude, but his major goal had always been to have a normal existence.

They’d made up because he couldn’t love anyone else, but is it possible for love to triumph over everything, especially when trust is at stake? Doona’s constant criticism of Won Jun’s lack of daring during Season 1 was a recurring theme. Would the second season of Doona inspire him to take risks, fight for what he believes in, and value his girlfriend’s life more fully?


At the moment, there are just two (good) critical reviews of the program on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb users have given the series a far more positive rating of 7.3 out of 10. Hopefully, Netflix will decide that this is a worthwhile series worthy of a second season.

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