Don’t Breathe 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

As the follow-up to the highly praised 2016 film of the same name, ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ is an equally suspenseful thriller. The sequel, again directed by Rodo Sayagues, is an entertaining blend of horror, thriller, and vicious action. Phoenix, the adoptive daughter of blind war hero Norman Nordstrom, is kidnapped by a gang eight years after the events of the previous film.

Several unexpected turns deepen the audience’s emotional investment in Norman’s narrative. Of course, audiences are curious about the prospect of a third season devoted to Norman. In such a case, let us assist you by providing all the information we have about “Don’t Breathe 3.”

Don’t Breathe 3 Renewal Status

There is currently no official word on whether or not a third installment of the Don’t Breathe film series will be made. There is no word on the film’s official site about whether or not it will be renewed.

Furthermore, the developers have been silent on what is in store for the future of Don’t Breathe. Therefore, it will be difficult to draw any firm conclusions. Both scenarios, waiting another year for the movie to come out or assuming work has begun, are equally naive.

Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date

Even if Don’t Breathe 3 is confirmed, there’s no telling when it might be released. Studio executives may not be willing to wait the five years it took Alvarez and Sayagues to complete production on Don’t Breathe 3, despite the success of the sequel. If the series were to remain in the August release window, Don’t Breathe 3 would not be possible until at least 2025.

Don’t Breathe Story

The original Don’t Breathe premiered in 2016, and it tells the story of three friends who steal into a mystery blind man’s house in search of easy money, only to find themselves trapped within and battling for their lives as the guy begins to eliminate them one by one.

In 2021’s Don’t Breathe 2, Norman has retreated to a remote cottage, and The Blind Man is given more screen time as the filmmakers seek to make him become an antihero. A little girl who lost her parents in a house fire was taken in by him and nurtured as his own throughout the years he has lived here. But their tranquil existence is disturbed when the girl is abducted by a gang and the Blind Man must leave his refuge to rescue her.

Don’t Breathe 3 Cast

Stephen Lang is back as Norman Nordstrom/The Blind Man in ‘Don’t Breathe 2,’ having already played the part in the first film. Phoenix, whose birth name is Tara but who was adopted by Norman, is played by Madelyn Grace. Cast as Raylan is actor Brendan Sexton III. Rocci Williams (Duke), Bobby Schofield (Jared), Adam Young (Jim Bob), and Stephanie Arcila (Hernandez) all make cameo appearances.

Only Lang and Grace are expected to return for “Don’t Breathe 3.” Even though his character died, Lang may show up again in flashbacks or if the sequel delves into Norman’s history. In ‘Don’t Breathe 2,’ most of the secondary characters perish, therefore they won’t be back for the third installment. The next film may include a cast made up entirely of new actors.

Don’t Breathe 3 Plot

Don’t Breathe, the next film might go in any number of different directions narratively. Infinite options exist to keep the movie-going. The plot may go in any direction, from Rocky’s return to kill The Blind Man to Tara’s home-adventure life. The writer’s perspective and ideas are crucial.

The Old Man’s existence is now a topic of debate, therefore he is likely to play a significant role in the third installment. He will get back up and once again have to face the vicious Detroit man’s assault.

In addition, his daughter will encounter further obstacles in her search for safety. Can she fight monsters without his father’s help, or will she perish at the hands of the invaders? The females may give off a mature air, but there are plenty of terrifying beasts she has yet to encounter. Things are about to become heated and fishy.


After Part 2 of the Don’t Breathe franchise was met with mixed reviews, many people thought that was it for the series. Fede Alvarez, the film’s director and producer, recently shocked audiences by revealing a third installment of The Blind Man. In the film’s opening sequence, Norman is shown to be a vengeful elderly man who brutally murders any intruders who dare to enter his home. As a result, audiences began to regard Norman in a negative light.

The second portion of the film, however, aimed to modify the audience’s impression of Norman by portraying him as a kind, elderly guy who takes excellent care of Phoenix, his adopted daughter, and would go to any lengths to keep her safe. Audiences were divided on how they felt about Norman’s opposing character characteristics.

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