Billy The Kid Season 2 Release Date: Did The Show Get Renewed?

The American television series Billy the Kid is a love adventure about the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid. On April 24, 2022, the first of eight episodes from the series’ inaugural season debuted. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 43% approval rating, while on IMDb, it has a 7.2. Overall, viewers gave the show a 4.6 rating out of 5, which indicates that they liked it more than the reviewers did.

The series’ cinematography was much praised, and it served to showcase the actors’ excellent work. Michael Hirst, who also penned the script for Vikings, penned the series. The careless aesthetic of the characters appears to have captivated many viewers.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Renewal Status

The wonderful news is finally here for the fans, as season two of Billy the Kid will definitely air. The show, developed by Michael Hirst, is a period drama set in the American West. An epic love story that follows Billy the Kid’s life from his Irish immigrant childhood through his days as a cowboy and gunman on the American frontier and beyond to his important part in the Lincoln County War.

It has additionally been reported that Tom Blyth, who plays the title role, will be back for a second season on the network (previously known as Epix). The show’s official Twitter account also informed its followers of the second season renewal, tweeting, “The adventure has only just begun, and #TomBlyth has some big news!” MGM Plus has renewed Billy the Kid for a second season.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Release Date

The premiere episode premiered on April 24, 2022, and the season finale aired on June 5, 2022. Season 1 of Billy the Kid aired for a total of eight episodes. The show was picked up for a second season in January of 2023. However, producers have not yet announced when the second season would premiere.

Billy The Kid Storyline

Billy the Kid tells the story of the notorious American outlaw William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, from his humble Irish roots to his early days as a cowboy and gunslinger on the frontier to his role in the Lincoln Country Way and beyond. He joins forces with the notorious outlaw and head of the Seven Rivers Gang, Jesse Evans.

By the moment they meet, Jesse has already settled into a life of crime, frequently engaging in acts like robbery and cattle rustling. In some mysterious way, Billy is inspired by his “let-loose,” wild, and recklessly confident nature. In certain ways, he takes on the persona of Billy, ensuring that Billy will never fully escape the shadows.

Billy The Kid Cast and characters

  • Tom Blyth as Billy the Kid
  • Daniel Webber as Jesse Evans
  • Eileen O’Higgins as Kathleen McCarty
  • Sean Owen Roberts as Bob Olinger
  • Dakota Daulby as John Beckwith
  • Ryan Kennedy as Ash Upson
  • Ian Tracey as Frank Baker
  • Jonah Collier as young Billy the Kid
  • Vincent Walsh as Lawrence Murphy
  • Jamie Beamish as Henry Antrim
  • Guillermo Alonso as Melquiades Segura
  • Shaun Benson as Riley
  • Christie Burke as Barbara Jones
  • Chad Rook as James Dolan
  • Brendan Fletcher as George Coe
  • Joey Batey as Patrick McCarty
  • Alex Roe as Pat Garrett
  • Horatio James as Charlie Bowdre

Billy The Kid Season 2 Plotline

A second season of Billy the Kid would likely stick to the same formula as the first, faithfully recreating and entertainingly depicting the young man’s exploits in the 1870s. William Bonney, born Henry McCarty and descended from Irish immigrants, is the inspiration for the Billy The Kid books and movies. He was a gunfighter and cowboy of sorts in his past life who ended up being instrumental in the Lincoln County War. He was formerly one of the most infamous outlaws in the United States, renowned for his skills and exploits on the frontier.

At an early age, he murdered eight people and earned a reputation as a gunslinger in the American Old West. At age 21, he was fatally shot. The show focuses on the known occurrences he was involved in at a young age, explaining how he became an outlaw who was dreaded by many and how his death was ultimately the result of his criminal activities.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Trailer

Since the premiere date for Season 2 has not yet been set, there is currently no trailer available.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Episodes

It is anticipated that the upcoming season would consist of eight episodes, each of which will be released weekly. It is expected that it will follow the same structure as the previous episodes.

Billy The Kid Season 1 Rating

Everyone evaluates a program based on its ratings. If you want to know if a show will be canceled or renewed, look no further than the ratings. The better the ratings, the more likely it is that the subject will make it. The show has received generally positive reviews across platforms, including a 6.8/10 rating on IMDb and an 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where can I watch Billy the Kid?

Season 1 of Billy the Kid is now available on Vudu and Amazon Prime Video, starting with the first five episodes. On their respective premiere dates, those streaming services will also host the final three episodes of the show.

Is Billy the Kid worth watching?

A brand-new show, Billy the Kid is inspired by the life of the infamous outlaw. Many have commended the show for its faithful portrayal of Billy the Kid’s life and times. In order to learn more about this intriguing historical figure, many people have been looking forward to seeing the series.

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