Daisy Jones & The Six: Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know

Prepare to relive the 1970s! Daisy Jones and The Six, a new tv miniseries on Prime Video, is currently under production. The new program is based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s well-known novel of the same name.

Along with executive producer Reese Witherspoon, who is overseeing the project via her production firm, Hello Sunshine, Reid will produce the new television series. Just before the book was even released, in July 2018, Amazon acquired the limited series.

Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne are the two primary characters in the novel. If you’ve read the novels, you may recognize their love story as being identical to that of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks. The author of Hello Sunshine said in a blog post that the two characters in her novel were somewhat influenced by the two actual performers.

Daisy Jones & The Six

The path to Daisy Jones & The Six’s television adaption has been a difficult one. The 13-episode limited series, which Amazon Studios acquired in 2018, tells the fictitious growth and demise of the rock n’ roll band Daisy Jones & The Six from the viewpoint of individuals who experienced it.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, a Netflix original series, is based on the wildly successful New York Times bestselling book of the same title by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Daisy Jones & The Six, which was voted one of the finest novels of the year by NPR, gained popularity because of TikTok’s BookTok sub-community. Reese Witherspoon picked the book as the selection for her March Book Club, and her renowned production firm Hello Sunshine will create the limited series, which will follow Where the Crawdads Sing in recent years.

Daisy Jones & The Six Cast

The diverse cast of DJATS consists of both well-known actors and bright-eyed novices. Sam Claflin plays Daisy’s love interest/heartbreaker Billy Dunne (side note: potentially his hottest role yet – see below); Daisy herself will be played by Riley Keough, who, as that of the real-life grandchild of Elvis Presley, has the Rock and Roll credentials to back up her character’s iconic status). Sam Claflin has demonstrated his acting talent in roles like Oswald Mosely in Peaky Blinders and Alexander Brok in the 2019 adaptation of Charlie’s Angels.

Along with Jones and Claflin, the series also stars Sebastian Chacon as Warren Rhodes, Suki Waterhouse as Karen Sirko, a Six guitarist, Will Harrison as Graham Dunne, and Sebastian Chacon as Karen Sirko, a Six drummer.

Simone Jackson, Daisy’s closest friend, is played by Nabiyah Be, while Camila Morrone plays Camila Dunne, Billy’s wife. Eddie Roundtree, who is slated to be played by Josh Whitehouse, is based on the fictional Eddie Loving, one of The Six’s guitarists, from the novel. It will include Rod, the band’s manager, played by Timothy Olyphant.

Graham Dunne, Billy’s brother, is portrayed by Will Harrison. His prior work includes parts in Venefica, This Is A Film About My Mother, and Madam Secretary (2014). (2016). Warren Rhodes, the band’s drummer, is portrayed by Sebastian Chacon. Although Chacon made his feature debut with the short Rolling, viewers may be better acquainted with him from his portrayal as Rico in the tv show Narcos.

His dynamism and charm seem perfect for the role of Warren. Josh Whitehouse, who is most known for his appearances in the BBC television series Poldark and the Valley Girl adaptation, plays bassist Eddie Roundtree.

He constantly quarrels with the band’s leader Billy since he is the outcast of the group. As Simone Jackson, Daisy’s closest friend, Nabiyah Be, from the movies White Wedding (2021) and Black Panther (2018), will be portrayed. All three actors have recurring parts in the show as Teddy, a producer at Runner Records, Jacqueline Obradors, who portrays Lucia, and Timothy Olyphant, who plays Rod, the band’s manager.

Daisy Jones and The Six Storyline

Daisy Jones and the Six is inspired by Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel of the same name, which was released in March 2019. When it was first published, it was among the bestselling novels of the year. The story, which takes place between 1970 and 1980, follows how Daisy Jones, a solo artist, and The Six, a legendary rock band, got together to produce musical magic.

Together, they create an original record before abruptly splitting up forever. Reid has cited Fleetwood Mac as her musical influence, citing how their songs mirror the real-life relationships of the band members. The series must now satisfy book fans while also inventively introducing the plot to readers who are utterly unfamiliar with this universe.

Watching how the series understands the spirit of the book and determining if it stays true to the book will be intriguing. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, another one of Reid’s best-selling novels, will also be made into a full-length movie for Netflix.

The tale of the band’s growth and demise is portrayed in the book in an ingenious documentary manner, moving back and forth in time while the members of the band (in the present) provide first-person recollections of their viewpoints. Graham (Will Harrison), Eddie (Josh Whitehouse), Karen (Suki Waterhouse), and Warren (Sebastian Chacon) talk about their time in the band and share what went on behind closed doors.

The highly anticipated series’ debut official trailer and in-depth Vanity Fair cover were both published today by Amazon. We see Daisy and Billy for the first time in the 18-second clip as they both stand in front of their separate microphones on a stage in a stadium filled with throngs of spectators. While hundreds of adoring admirers yell her name, Daisy throws her head to the side and spreads her arms as Billy gives her a stylish wink.

Daisy Jones and The Six Release Date

On March 3, both in the US and the UK, Prime Video will provide the 12-episode series. Every week, new episodes would be released.

Due to the epidemic, filming was put on for more than a year. The series was ultimately put into production in September 2021, and in June 2022, the production company (Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine) announced that the shooting had concluded. To mark the occasion, they posted a humorous Instagram video from the set.

The authors of the series are Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, who really are best known for penning the screenplays for The Disaster Artist and the romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer. They collaborate as executive producers with Lauren Neustadter and Reese Witherspoon. Taylor Jenkins Reid, the book’s author, will also act as a producer.

As previously announced, Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, Circle of Confusion, and Amazon Studios are the production firms working on the project. The production designer is Jessica Kender, and the cinematographer is Checco Varese (Dopesick). The series’ art directors are Morgan Lindsey Price and Kirby Feagan, while Denise Wingate created the costumes.

Daisy Jones & The Six behind-the-scenes

Photos from the New Orleans shooting by some of the actors were made available. Check out Sebastian Chacon’s preview of the series and Riley Keough’s Instagram picture from the beginning of production.

Music by Daisy Jones and The Six

Fans of the book will be aware that the band’s songs are a significant part of the story, nearly like another character, letting the band members express the emotions they find difficult to define in “interviews” and serving as plot points in the chronology of their triumphs. The series’ soundtrack, which unavoidably pays homage to the golden age of classic rock, is yet to be announced, although the lyrics were written by Taylor herself and included in the original 2019 book.

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