Benefits of Stretching and it’s a Very Good form of Exercise

Benefits of Stretching and it’s a Very Good form of Exercise

1. Reduces the risk of injury

2. Improves posture and body control

3. Helps maintain suppleness and speed

4. Increases circulation and blood flow to muscles which brings nutrients and oxygen for repair and growth, as well as removes toxins

5. Prevents overuse injuries such as “Tight Rotator Cuffs”

6. Helps to achieve greater flexibility and range of motion (helpful for “Tight Biceps”)

7. Increases Muscle Tone

8. More efficient posture during sports-specific movements

9. Allows the body to perform at its most efficient level – be it in sport or everyday life 10. Less fatigue allows athletes to train harder for longer

11. Gives you an ‘edge’ over your competitors by helping to prevent injury

12. Improves body image

13. Enhances recovery time after intense physical activity or exercise – allowing muscles to repair, rebuild and strengthen 14. Reduce the risk of low back pain through effective stretching 15. Help alleviate certain types of headaches

16. Relaxation and stress relief (helps you to unwind after a hard day at work/school or after sport).

17. Creates more energy and vitality

18. Helps prevent certain illnesses such as colds and flu 19. Boost your immune system 20 Creates a better mood – relaxes the mind & body quickly and effectively

21. Helps the body to maintain a healthy posture by removing aches and tension

22. Decreases blood pressure

23. Enhances digestion

24. Relieves nervousness, anxiety & depression

25 It allows a deeper connection with your breath which when done regularly can lead to greater mental calm – meditation in motion

26. There are many different types of stretching exercises that can be used to mobilize the human body, with each having its own benefit for the individual’s health. The most common type of stretching is static stretching (also called relaxed stretching), which involves extending a muscle group and holding the position for several seconds or minutes.

Another kind of stretch is ballistic stretching, which involves moving the limb to be stretched quickly. This type of stretch is used by athletes to improve performance speed and flexibility.

Another type of stretch is dynamic stretching (or active stretching), which involves movements like swinging or throwing, as seen in activities like tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, and football. One other kind of stretch is PNF stretching (or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), which requires the assistance of a partner.

10 benefits of stretching:

1) Stretching enhances blood flow:

Our muscles are made up of bundles of fibers, which are surrounded by a thin layer, called fascia or connective tissue. It can hold several muscle fibers together in their proper alignment. When you stretch your muscles, the main function is to increase the size of this connective tissue sheath.

Stretching helps in increasing blood flow to muscles by stretching out cells. Cells are made up of 70% water and need a good blood supply for better working conditions.

2) Stretching improves flexibility:

When you stretch, muscles get relaxed and more flexible. This way they can work without any hindrance which helps in improving their flexibility. At the same time, it increases your body movement capabilities. It is a very important part of maintaining good health because it allows for smooth functioning of muscles and joints by elastic movements, also known as ‘Range of Motion’.

3) Stretching helps in recovering from the workout:

When you stretch after a workout, it helps in the faster recovery of your sore muscles. It helps them relax and recover well. This is also essential because when they are tense or contracted, your body returns to its resting state much faster. Thus the benefit would be that your muscles get more time to relax and recover.

4) Stretching reduces the risk of injuries:

Increased flexibility has been shown to reduce the chances of certain kinds of injuries. For example, stretching before playing sports or engaging in physical activity can help prevent muscle pulls and sprains. This is one reason why people are advised to get enough sleep and stretch before starting their day.

5) Stretching helps in weight loss:

If you are looking to lose some weight then try stretching. It has been proved that people who stretch, burn more calories than those who don’t exercise. This is because muscles have to work harder to contract and relax during the stretching process. Stretching, if done daily, can burn hundreds of calories in a week.

6) Stretching is very important for children:

Stretching is very essential for kids because it promotes healthy growth and development. It is necessary to stretch before they start their day because this increases the blood supply to the bones. Daily stretches also keep certain problems like scoliosis and bowlegs, at bay.

7) Stretching helps in relieving stress:

Stress is something that most people go through on a daily basis. If you are looking to de-stress then try stretching as it has been found that stretching reduces cortisol levels; the hormone responsible for stress. This way your body gets relief from all the tension and you can enjoy a relaxed mind.

8) Stretching improves coordination:

Stretching helps in improving your hand-eye coordination. When you stretch, your brain signals the muscles to work together in a smooth manner which makes you more coordinated. This also leads to enhanced body balance and stability. If one is doing yoga, then it helps in gaining better balance between the body and mind.

9) Stretching enhances peace of mind:

A person who has a good range of motion is less likely to experience negative thoughts or emotions. This way he can enjoy peace of mind while performing day-to-day tasks. It also leads to increased levels of energy and enthusiasm.

Stretching is a very healthy habit. Apart from keeping your muscles and joints fit, it also helps in improving your range of motion which further leads to better coordination and enhanced hand-eye coordination.

benefits of stretching legs:

1) Stretching is a very good form of exercise:

Stretching is one of the most popular forms of exercise because it not only helps in maintaining good physical health but mental as well. It has been proved that daily stretches can help improve your mood and decrease the levels of anxiety and depression. For those who are suffering from insomnia, it has been found that a stretch during the day can help them sleep better at night.

2) Stretching helps in weight loss:

If you are looking to lose some weight then try stretching. It has been proved that people who stretch, burn more calories than those who don’t exercise. This is because muscles have to work harder to contract and relax during the stretching process. Stretching, if done daily, can burn hundreds of calories in a week.

3) Stretching is very important for sportsmen:

Sportspersons are required to maintain their physical fitness routine by doing regular exercises like stretches. This helps them stay fit and enhances their performance levels as well.

4) Stretching leads to better muscle control:

One of the major benefits of stretching is that it helps in gaining better muscle control. The muscles have been stretched, now whenever you move they won’t resist as much as they used to earlier and this way you can perform your daily tasks with ease. It has also been proved that stretching reduces injuries like sprains and tears.

5) Stretching can prevent certain problems:

Stretches are very essential to the human body because apart from keeping you physically fit, it also helps in preventing medical conditions like joint pain, arthritis, muscle cramps, etc. It has been found that stretching regularly keeps these problems at bay because it increases the blood flow to the joints and muscles.

Benefits of stretching before bed:

Stretches keeps you active during the day:

Stretching before bedtime helps in keeping your body fit and active because it keeps all your muscles, bones, and joints nourished with proper blood circulation. It also makes you feel lighter and rejuvenated which helps you perform better during the day.

 Stretches help in proper digestion:

There are some yoga poses that help in properly digesting food and improving bowel movements as well. This way your body stays healthy and all your organs work normally without any issues.

Stretches relax mind and body:

Stretching is a very healthy habit as it helps you relax your mind and body. It relaxes the mind which reduces stress and anxiety levels, while it also helps in making your body fit by improving the blood circulation throughout the system.

 Stretches help in better sleep:

A person who does regular stretches before going to sleep enjoys sound sleep throughout the night because it helps in keeping all his muscles and joints nourished with proper blood flow. Stretches also help relax your mind which further leads to a feeling of drowsiness before sleeping. This way you can easily fall asleep without any problems.

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