Choona Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Choona Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

It’s an exhilarating journey through a maelstrom of vengeance and pandemonium as the resilient outcasts unite to settle the score with the formidable politician Shukla Ji.

The stars appear to be aligned for this crew of anomalies, as evidenced by the numerous comedic moments, instances of leadership gone awry, astrological insights, and sly espionage.

The narrative of “Choona” centers on an unlikely group of individuals who discover they shared a common enemy: an unscrupulous and fanatical politician.

Motivated by vengeance, they devise an audacious plot to commit a robbery and exact retribution on the politician.

Jimmy Sheirgill portrays Shukla, a rapacious politician with aspirations to become the following chief minister, in the recently released trailer.

Seven people from diverse backgrounds confront him: an astrologer, an admirer, a police officer, a pupil leader, a police informant, a mute man, along with an alcoholic.

Despite their endeavors to satisfy Shukla, they are all ultimately humiliated by him. Choona has gained tremendous popularity, becoming one of the more popular web series.

“Choona” is a highly anticipated Indian Hindi-language crime comedy-drama web series that will premiere exclusively on Netflix on August 3, 2023.

This series, created, written, and directed by the gifted Pushpendra Nath Misra and produced by Flying Saucer Entertainment, promises to deliver a compelling story with a combination of genres that will keep you captivated from beginning to end.

While rumors suggest a 2023 release, fans await official conformation of the highly anticipated season’s release date.

John Sherrill Originally, Choona was scheduled to premiere on Netflix in August; however, it was delayed for unexplained reasons and now has a new release date.

Choona is an upcoming web series written and directed by Pushpendra Nath Mishra that is a Hindi espionage comedy. The series follows an improbable crew as they plot a robbery against a paranoid politician.

Choona, starring Jimmy Shergill, Arshad Warsi, Aashim Gulati, Vikram Kochhar, Monika Panwar, Namit Das, and Chandan Roy, will premiere on Netflix on August 3, 2023.

Choona Season 1 Release Date

The premiere date of the series was originally set for August 3, 2023, but it was postponed in the last minute. Now, the premiere will occur on September 29, 2023.

Choona Season 1 Cast

  • Jimmy Shergill
  • Arshad Warsi
  • Aashim Gulati
  • Vikram Kochhar
  • Monika Panwar
  • Namit Das
  • Chandan Roy
  • Gyanendra Tripathi
  • Niharika Lyra Dutt
  • Kishor Chandra Shrivastav
  • Atul Srivastava

Choona Season 1 Trailer

Choona Season 1 Plot

Pushpendra Nath Misra has Choona’s author, director, and creator. The show’s music was composed by Dhruv Ghanekar, and Aarti Bajaj acts as the editor.

It is produced by Flying Saucer, and its executive producers are Sonali Bhatia and Pushpendra Nath Misra.

Will Humphris as well as Aditya Kapur are in charge of cinematography in China. The plot revolves around a group of misfits that identify the same despicable politician as a common enemy and plot a robbery to exact revenge.

The narrative revolves around an assortment of disparate characters who band jointly to plot the demise of a corrupt as well as superstitious politician.

Each character has a personal cause for wanting to bring about the demise of the vindictive antagonist, as well as the narrative focuses on their revenge plot against him.

The eight-episode series is essentially a robbery escapade and promises to be an entertaining and thrilling experience.

In a surprising turn of events, these apparently unrelated individuals establish an improbable brotherhood.

Their grand scheme entails swiping 600 billion rupees from Shukla’s party office without leaving any traces.

As the release date of August 3, 2023, approaches, viewers are unable to but anticipate the unfolding of this riveting tale of revenge, camaraderie, and an audacious robbery.

“Choona” promises to have been a captivating series who will keep viewers riveted to their screens, anxiously following the exploits of this eccentric cast as they battle a formidable foe.

When an astrologer, a highly skilled, shape-shifting informant, a gully ka gunda, a demoted police officer, a once-successful contractor, and a resourceful mediator, Bishnu, organize a heist to make down their common enemy, Shukla, the calm is whitewashed or the chaos is liberally spread for all to see.

They intend to steal no less than 600 billion dollars, and from the lion’s den! A disparate group discovers a common adversary: a superstitious politician. They plan a robbery to exact vengeance.

Choona is about a robbery that is planned by a group of individuals, or as the filmmakers put it, “an astrologer, a highly skilled, shape-shifting informer, a gully ka gunda, a discharged police officer, a once prosperous contractor, and Bishnu, the resourceful mediator.”

Choona will concentrate on the group’s strategy as they target their common adversary, Shukla, and steal 600 billion rupees that are protected by high-level security.


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