That ’90s Show Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

That ’90s Show Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

The wait is almost over for fans of the nostalgic Netflix comedy That ’90s Show! After the successful debut of season 1 in January 2023, the streaming giant has officially renewed the series for a supersized 16-episode second season. This spiritual sequel to the iconic That ’70s Show has resonated with audiences young and old, allowing a new generation to experience the hilarious hijinks in Point Place, Wisconsin, through a fresh lens. As we gear up for more laughs, heartwarming moments, and vintage ’90s flair, let’s dive into everything we know about That ’90s Show Season 2.

The delightfully retro series follows Leia Forman, the snarky yet lovable daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti from the original Show. Leia spends her summer break in 1995 bonding with her grandparents, the iconic Red and Kitty Forman, while forging new friendships and navigating the ups and downs of teenage life. With a stellar ensemble cast and numerous cameos from That ’70s Show alums, the first season beautifully captured the spirit of the classic sitcom while carving out its unique identity.

That ’90s Show Season 2 Release Date:

Mark your calendars because That ’90s Show Season 2 is set to premiere in two parts on Netflix. The first batch of episodes, dubbed “Part 2,” will hit the streaming platform on Thursday, June 27, 2024. Fans won’t have to wait too long for the remainder of the season, as “Part 3” is scheduled to drop on Thursday, October 24, 2024.

This split-season approach has become increasingly common for high-profile Netflix series, allowing the streamer to build anticipation and sustain viewer interest over an extended period. While the episode count for each part has not been officially disclosed, it’s reasonable to assume that the 16 episodes will be divided evenly, with eight episodes in Part 2 and the remaining 8 in Part 3.

That ’90s Show Series Storyline Overview:

For those unfamiliar with the premise, That ’90s Show is a heartwarming continuation of the beloved That ’70s Show universe. Set 15 years after the events of the original series, the spin-off follows Leia Forman as she spends her summer vacation in the nostalgic town of Point Place, Wisconsin, reconnecting with her quirky yet lovable grandparents, Red and Kitty.

Seeking adventure and new experiences, Leia quickly befriends a dynamic group of teenagers, including the rebellious yet loyal Gwen Runck, the charming and flirtatious Jay Kelso (son of Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart), the insightful and openly gay Ozzie, and the ambitious Nikki. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of teenage life, building bonds that transcend their diverse backgrounds and personalities.

The first season expertly balanced coming-of-age storylines with nostalgic nods to the ’90s era, from vintage fashion and music to cultural references that resonated with viewers of all ages. Familiar faces from That ’70s Show, including Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Wilmer Valderrama, made delightful cameo appearances, solidifying the connection between the two shows and delighting longtime fans.

That ’90s Show Season 2 Expected Storyline:

While specific plot details for That ’90s Show Season 2 remain tightly under wraps, Netflix has provided a compelling synopsis that sets the stage for more drama, romance, and laughter. As the synopsis reveals, the new season will pick up in 1996, with Leia and her love interest, Jay, reuniting after nine months apart. However, their relationship faces a significant challenge as Leia harbors a secret: she almost kissed their friend Nate during their time apart.

Compounding the tension, Nate’s girlfriend, Nikki, remains unaware of the near-kiss, leaving the group’s dynamic on the verge of unraveling. As the truth threatens to come to light, friendships and relationships will be tested, and the carefree summer they envisioned may end before it even begins.

This tantalizing setup promises a rollercoaster of emotions as the young characters navigate the complexities of love, loyalty, and the bonds that hold their friend group together. Fans can expect many heartfelt moments, hilarious misadventures, and the signature wit that made the original series a cultural phenomenon.

That ’90s Show Series list of Cast Members:

Kurtwood Smith as the curmudgeonly yet endearing Red Forman and Debra Jo Rupp as the kindhearted Kitty Forman reprise their iconic roles from That ’70s Show. They serve as the series’ anchors, providing wisdom, guidance, and a healthy dose of comedic relief to the younger characters.

Leading the new generation of teens is Callie Haverda as Leia Forman, Ashley Aufderheide as Gwen Runck, Mace Coronel as Jay Kelso, Reyn Doi as Ozzie, Sam Morelos as Nikki, and Maxwell Acee Donovan as Nate Runck.

Recurring and guest stars from season 1 included Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti, Wilmer Valderrama as Fez, Don Stark as Bob Pinciotti, and Tommy Chong as the iconic Leo Chingkwake.

That ’90s Show Season 2 List of Episodes:

Unfortunately, Netflix has not officially revealed the episode titles and plot summaries for That ’90s Show Season 2 yet. However, fans can expect the season to maintain the standard sitcom format, with each episode delivering a self-contained storyline while contributing to the overarching narrative of the characters’ journeys.

  • Episode No. 1: “That ’90s Pilot”
  • Episode No. 2: “Free Leia”
  • Episode No. 3: “Lip Smackers”
  • Episode No. 4: “Rave”
  • Episode No. 5: “Step by Step”
  • Episode No. 6: “The Birthday Girl”
  • Episode No. 7: “Boyfriend Day One”
  • Episode No. 8: “Summer Storm”
  • Episode No. 9: “Dirty Double Booker”
  • Episode No. 10: “Kid in America”

That ’90s Show Series Creators Team:

That ’90s Show is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the creative minds behind the original That ’70s Show. Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, the creators of the beloved ’70s-set sitcom, serve as executive producers alongside their daughter, Lindsey Turner. Gregg Mettler, who worked on That ’70s Show, is the showrunner and an executive producer for the spin-off series.

Additionally, esteemed television veterans Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner of The Carsey-Werner Company are executive producers, lending their extensive expertise to the project. Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, reprising their roles as Red and Kitty Forman, respectively, round out the executive producer team.

Where to Watch That ’90s Show Season 2?

As a Netflix original series, That ’90s Show Season 2 will be exclusively available for streaming on the popular platform. Subscribers can enjoy the new episodes from the comfort of their homes or on the go via the Netflix app on various devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

One significant advantage of streaming on Netflix is the ability to binge-watch episodes at your own pace or savor them gradually over time. With the split-season release schedule, fans can anticipate a steady stream of new content throughout the latter half of 2024.

That ’90s Show Season 2 Trailer Release Date:

While a full-length trailer for That ’90s Show Season 2 has not been released yet, Netflix did unveil a brief teaser during its Netflix Is A Joke Fest event, where the premiere dates were announced. This tantalizing glimpse featured quick cuts of the beloved characters and hinted at the brewing drama and comedic moments to come.

Typically, Netflix releases trailers a few months before a show’s premiere, allowing ample time for promotion and building anticipation among viewers. Fans can expect a full-fledged trailer for Part 2 to drop sometime in early to mid-2024, whetting their appetites for the upcoming season’s hijinks.

That ’90s Show Season 2 Final Words:

As the premiere of That ’90s Show Season 2 draws nearer, fans’ excitement continues to build. The successful first season paid homage to the beloved original and carved out its unique identity, resonating with audiences across generations.

With a talented ensemble cast, a stellar creative team, and a wealth of nostalgic references to mine from the iconic ’90s era, the stage is set for another round of hilarious misadventures, heartwarming moments, and thought-provoking storylines that explore the complexities of teenage life.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of That ’70s Show or a newcomer to the Point Place universe, That ’90s Show Season 2 promises to deliver a delightful dose of laughter, nostalgia, and timeless themes that transcend decades. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the ’90s once again, where friendship, love, and family bonds take center stage.

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