Elliott From Earth Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

The first episode of the animated science fiction comedy sitcom Elliot from Earth aired in the United Kingdom in March of 2021. Cartoon Network showed the show created by Guillaume Cassuto, Mic Graves, and Tony Hull. Cartoon Network Studios approved the pitch for 20 episodes, each of which will be 11 minutes long. Elliott and his mom spent the first season searching for meteorites in space. After more than a year on the air, viewers want to hear if the program will be renewed for a second season. Get the full story by reading on!

Elliott From Earth Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Elliott From Earth, an animated space adventure series, premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States from March 29 to April 9, 2021. Meanwhile, there has been no confirmation of the show’s renewal or cancellation from either the producers or the network.

However, the show’s initial run was well-received by viewers. As a result, it’s likely to make a comeback in Elliott From Earth Season 2. We anticipate that the network will shortly renew the show. But it’s important to remember that at this moment, this is just conjecture on our part. To this point, nothing has been confirmed. It will take some time for the full picture to emerge, so viewers will have to be patient.

Elliott From Earth Storyline

In the short animated sci-fi comedy Elliott from Earth, a youngster and his mother are unexpectedly whisked away from Earth and find themselves surrounded by a fantastical assortment of aliens.

An animated science fiction comedy about a boy and his mother who are abruptly transported across the universe and encounter a wide variety of aliens from distant and unexplored planets. Making a new home for themselves, they meet new pals, including Mo, the only other being from Earth, a dinosaur, and try to piece together who brought them there and why.

Elliott From Earth Cast

  • Elliott (voiced by Samuel Faraci) – An 11-year-old boy who longs to make friends, and finds one in Mo.
  • Mo (voiced by Noah Kaye Bentley) – A nearsighted Stegosaurus who can talk and apparently came from Earth as well.
  • Frankie (voiced by Naomi McDonald) – A 36-year-old single mother of Elliott who is a geologist hoping to study the existence of extraterrestrials. She wears a pair of round, pink glasses. Though she often has a logical and scientific approach to the thing
  • 105E (voiced by Diane Morgan) – 105E is the first droid Elliott and Frankie meet on the Centrium
  • Hive Director (voiced by Angelina Ispani) – Although she looks like a child the Hive Director is really much older as her species ages in reverse
  • Lord Kallous the Merciless (voiced by Stephen Greif) – Lord Kallous the Merciless, or ‘Mr. K’ to his students, has put his past as an intergalactic tyrant behind him.
  • Gym (voiced by Jessie Lawerence) – A fan of herbs and spices, discipline and authority
  • Kane (voiced by Rich Hall) – Kane is a gruff two-faced alien who isn’t having the best day when he meets the visitors from Eart
  • Mrs. Argolis (voiced by Teresa Gallagher, Naomi McDonald, and Jessica McDonald) – Mrs. Argolis is Elliott and Frankie’s three-headed next-door neighbor who seems to have an issue with nearly everything.
  • Nara (voiced by Mandeep Dhillon) – Elliott and Mo’s friend Nara is very good at planning for the future.
  • Preston – Preston takes life at a slower pace than Elliott and Mo’s other friends.
  • Earmouse (voiced by Tony Hull) – Earmouse is Elliott and Mo’s classmate, who doesn’t let his tiny size hold him back.
  • Invisibill – Bill lacks visibility but makes up for it in confidence, though often what he says isn’t as useful as he thinks.
  • Steve – Steve doesn’t let the fact he only has a mouth stop him.
  • Vax and Vox – Vax and Vox have escaped from Planet X and now spend all their time together in the Centrium.

Elliott From Earth Season 2 Plot

Season one follows Elliott, 11, as he and his geologist mother, Frankie, set out to track out meteorites on Earth. They did it so Frankie could examine a rock with a fusion crust that looks like it came from space and is 65 million years old. The two inadvertently turn up the volume on the rock one night. They are transported to the other side of the Universe, demonstrating humanity’s potential to metamorphose into a spaceship. And land on the enormous Centrium. The dup ran across a dinosaur named Mo and then misplaced the rock in the vastness of the biosphere.

Before taking the Centrium into the city, the party discovered a brand-new home. They began to investigate their new home and quickly ran across the alien inhabitants. When Elliot From Earth Season 2 finally premieres, it will pick up the tale after the events of the first season. The following season will follow the mother and son as they go on exciting new adventures in outer space.

Elliott From Earth Season 2 Trailer

There is no Season 2 of Elliott From Earth trailer available at this time. On September 11, 2020, the first season trailer was released, filling the hearts of children everywhere with anticipation for the show’s premiere.

Where to watch Elliott From Earth?

You may catch up on Elliott From Earth Season 1 on HBO Max until we hear more about when Season 2 will be available.

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