the new of iOS 14.5 is used so that the apps do not track us more than necessary and that is how it works

As planned, iOS 14.5 is already among us. The new version of the iPhone operating system can now be downloaded and includes, among other new features, a face unlock system with a mask using the Apple Watch, the choice of the default music service, compatibility with AirTags and a function that has not been uncontroversial status: App Tracking Transparency.

In short, App Tracking Transparency serves so that the user can decide if he wants the applications installed on his mobile track your activity in other applications and websites in order to show targeted advertising. Here we show you how it is activated and what implications it has.

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Eddy Cue welcomed an Android version of iMessage in 2013 (and Epic wants to exploit it)

Epic Games’ trial against Apple is about to begin. Next Monday, May 3, the sessions will begin and as part of their preparation, several witnesses have already testified. Among them, Eddy Cue, who in one of them was asked about the reasons that led him to want bring iMessage to Android in 2013, as collected in MacRumors.

It is an email exchange that has come up again recently. But it is worth a closer look.

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Discount of the iPad Pro (2020) of 11 “Cellular with 256 GB in Amazon: down to 999 euros, its historical minimum price

Apple announced last week its new generation of professional tablets iPad Pro, which stands out mainly for the use of the M1 chip, the same processor that the company’s latest computers mount. However, the immediately previous models launched in 2020 are also very powerful, and the 11 “model with Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity and 256 GB of internal storage has reached its all-time low on Amazon of 1.159 euros 999 euros.

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Despite shortages, manufacturers advance their plans

Chipmakers can’t keep up. TSMC, the Taiwanese semiconductor giant, predicts the shortage will last beyond 2021 and a few tough years ahead. To alleviate this situation, the company has announced a plan of 30,000 million dollars to expand its production capacity and maintain its production plans.

This week, during its annual meeting for investors, TSMC has confirmed that the 3 nanometer chips will arrive in 2022. Along with this promise, from Anandtech they report that TSMC has already started the development of its first 2 nanometer chips, which will presumably be produced on a large scale in 2023.

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Spain approves extending the mandatory guarantee of products from 2 to 3 years

Spain increases the guarantee of the products. Of the current two mandatory years it will go to a legal guarantee of three years. This was approved today by the Council of Ministers, which has also agreed to increase the minimum time that manufacturers must provide at the repair level. Instead of the current five years, companies must have spare parts for at least 10 years of products that are no longer sold, which will facilitate their repair despite the fact that the product is old.

The new measure is contained in a Royal Decree-Law omnibus, which will also include new rights and guarantees for users in the face of the boom in online commerce, in line with what is proposed by the European Union, which at the end of November approved the so-called ‘right to repair ‘.

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Bizum reduces the number of operations that we can do per month from 150 to 60

Bizum is going to reduce the number of transfers that each individual user can make at the end of the month, as Euribor and Invertia have advanced and we have been able to confirm from Xataka. Currently, that limit is at 150 monthly operations, but as of June 15 the figure will be reduced to 60 monthly operations. That, in a nutshell, means that we will go from having an average of five daily transfers to just two.

From Bizum they have confirmed to Engadget that “as of June 15, only the case of payments between people, the number of bizums that a user can receive per month is reduced to 60 in order to continue to guarantee your safetyThey also ensure that “the sending capacity is not diminished in any case.” In other words, we can continue making as many shipments as we want, but we can only receive 60 money shipments.

Bizum can also be used to pay for your purchases online and even in some physical stores: this is how it works

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