No margins: Apple will block apps that offer benefits in exchange for tracking our data

Apple’s top executives have already made it clear in several interviews in the wake of the arrival of iOS 14.5 and its new privacy rules: the company is not against advertising in its services and applications, but it does want them to Users can decide if they want to be tracked or not.

However, Apple is going to be very strict when it comes to creating nuances with this decision. As we read in MacRumors, the company will block all those applications that offer advantages in exchange for the user allowing the tracking data in iOS 14.5. That’s what they say in a new section of their privacy documentation.

Explanations yes, incentives no

In this section they make it clear that applications can report what they get if they accept data tracking (normally the typical “a better experience with ads that interest you more“), but cannot offer additional benefits (such as discounts or money) in exchange for that tracking. If Apple discovers these incentives, the application is removed from the App Store.

Nor will it be tolerated that the application stops working (partially or totally) if the user chooses to disable tracking. Everything must work correctly with and without tracking, it should not influence anything at all. And of course, trying to display an image that simulates the iOS tracking request will be interpreted as an attempt to mislead the user and therefore will also result in a total crash. And that includes highlighting the allow button in some way. Everything must be neutral.

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In other words, Apple has not left a single obstacle free for any kind of manipulation. The privacy of the users should not even be a bargaining chip for incentives in a service. So if you were thinking of offering discounts in your application in exchange for your clients activating that tracking … your plans have been truncated.

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