Castlevania: Netflix confirms that Season 3 will arrive soon

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In early January it was just a rumor in the form of filtration. But now, as Netflix itself confirms, it is completely official: Season 3 of Castlevania It will arrive on the streaming platform very soon. Of course, for now we still need to know a more concrete release date. Although it is probably in the first half of 2020.

In fact, we don't have to do anything more than perform a Netflix series search to find the surprise: "It's official. Another season is coming", says the description made on the platform's own website.

On the other hand, Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes, who is also known as Alucard on Twitter, has shared a new illustration of the series through his account on the famous social network. Then you can take a look.

Finally, in recent days a small synopsis of what this new season could offer has also leaked. Specifically, through a follow-up tweet (which you can see above) of the Powerhouse Animation production company. It also showed a screenshot of Netflix confirming that Season 3 of the series will arrive soon.

This is what the description says: "Trevor Belmont is not the man he used to be. But it is everything that stands between humanity and Dracula's fury.". As you can see, it is not a big deal, but it does confirm that the premiere could be imminent. Therefore, we should not delay that it could be one of the premieres for next February 2020.

If you liked the news, remember that today there have been other surprises regarding Netflix. For example, the 21 Studio Ghibli films that will arrive on the service, or the premiere of the Devil May Cry-based animation series.

Sources: Cosmic Book News / Twitter (1 / two)

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