Call of Duty Warzone: players stuck in a truck, the new bug

The community of Call of Duty Warzone he discovered a new bug related to a truck, a glitch that effectively "cages" the players inside the vehicle without any possibility of getting out alive.

The truck in question appears in the Verdansk map near a house, it is possible to enter the middle only through a window and not in a "lawful" way, however once inside the truck the game code does not react as it should and it is impossible to get out of it, remaining effectively blocked for the whole game. As often happens, there are those who have decided to exploit this bug of the game to win easily, by "cheating" their opponents and using the death truck as a real trap.

Activision and Infinity Ward have not commented on it but it is likely that soon the bug will be fixed with a patch, also considering the popularity that glitch is taking on among players. Recently a trick to easily win in COD Warzone has also been discovered exploiting also in this case a bug related to the enemy hooking system.

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It is not the first time that players have decided to exploit technical problems to their advantageActivision, however, decided to use the iron fist against incorrect users, punishing them with the ban.


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