Bravely Default 2: no release date, but development is almost over

As summer approaches, the development team is working on Bravely Default 2 has intensified the pace of its production-related communication.

The authors Tomoya Asano and Masahi Takahashi, in particular, have recently offered interesting details on what will be the characteristics of the JRPG. With the aim of making the game accessible even to those who have not had previous contacts with the series, the creators have compared Bravely Default 2 to NieR: Automata, a successful work that has brought the attention of a wider audience to the IP of NieR.

At the moment, the role play Square Enix it is expected in 2020, but it does not have a precise release date. On this front, however, encouraging information comes: the development team has officially confirmed that the work on Bravely Default 2 has entered their final phase. At the same time, it was announced that the servers of Bravely Default Fairy's Effect, mobile title linked to the franchise. The success of the latter, the authors report, has helped make Bravely Default 2 possible.

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Expected exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Bravely Default 2 will offer a mature plot, with more adult characters: the team has not excluded the publication of a second JRPG Demo.


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