Anime Gokushufudo goes viral for its bad animation on Netflix

Gokushufudo debuted in Netflix a few days ago, with a diversity of subtitles and dubbing. However, the series of anime received strong criticism for the total of its episodes and more especially for its animation. The Truth News He shares more details with you below.

When it comes to the world of bad anime, shows can crash for a number of reasons. From the story to its characters, you can detect a bad series from a mile away, and that only becomes more obvious when terrible animation is brought in; as read on social networks.

That’s a lesson from fans The Way of the Househusband or Gokushufudo just learned the hard way, and you’ll understand everything once you watch the short anime show on Netflix.

Fans react to Gokushufudo anime

On Twitter, fans have started circulate some of the worst clips from Netflix’s new anime, and it would be nice to call the reels disappointing. Despite having the power of Netflix behind it, The Way of the Househusband could do little to prevent shoddy artwork from staff at JC Staff.

If you look at the spool above, you will see the problem clearly. Gokushufudo looks more like a “forced powerpoint presentation” than a fluid anime. The only movement found in this clip comes from smart panning, but the camera can’t perform miracles.

You can understand why fans are disappointed in the anime, and have little faith that The Way of the Househusband will change in the future. The first five episodes of the program are equally static, and a second half is still missing.

This is what Gokushufudo’s official manga looks like

¿Vale la pena ver The Way of the Househusband?

We can expect JC Staff (One Punch Man season 2) to go live in time for the next installment, but many viewers don’t feel the excitement. So if you’re a huge fan of this comedy, well, you might want to avoid its anime at all costs and better focus on its original manga created by Kōsuke no.

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