Miracle Workers Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Episodes, And More Updates

The comedic series ‘Miracle Workers’ was created by Simon Rich, a comedian whose work served as inspiration for the show. The anthology series covers a different story with religious undertones each season, probing the connection between religion and mankind in each installment. It launched in 2019 to mostly favorable reviews from the media. Its main cast has won acclaim for their performances, and the show’s smart script has helped it gain a sizable following.

Seasons 3 and 4 focus on Reverend Ezekiel Brown’s efforts to rebuild his town after a devastating famine. As the curtain falls on yet another offbeat story, viewers must be left wondering if their beloved program will ever return. All the information you’re looking for to know about season 4 of ‘Miracle Workers’ is right here!

Miracle Workers Season 4 Release Date

On January 16, 2023, Max aired the debut of the fourth season of Miracle Workers. However, it mysteriously didn’t air on TBS in the United States on the scheduled day. Two days later, Max withdrew the lone episode of season 4, delaying the season indefinitely. A TBS representative clarified the situation, telling Vulture that the series was postponed because of a change in the broadcast schedule in January. According to the same source, TBS needs the time to “better adjust the series later in the year.” TBS announced the Season 4 premiere of Miracle Workers for Monday, July 10 at 10 p.m. EST in May 2023.

Miracle Workers Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1: “Welcome to Boomtown”
Episode 2: “H.O.A.”
Episode 3: “The MatriXXX”
Episode 4: “The Grouping Ceremony”
Episode 5: “Jim Carrey in the Park”
Episode 6: “Olympus”
Episode 7: “Roland Proudheart”
Episode 8: “Children of Women”
Episode 9: “John Christ”
Episode 10: “The End”

Miracle Workers Storyline

Eliza is a new hire from the Department of Dirt, and Craig is a low-level angel in charge of answering all of humanity’s pleas in the first season. God, their boss, has left to pursue his passions. Craig and Eliza need to pull off their biggest miracle yet to save the planet from oblivion. What in God’s Name is based on the novel by Rich.

Rich’s short story “Revolution” inspired Season 2, which is set in the Middle Ages. up Season 3, Reverend Ezekiel Brown takes up infamous bandit Benny the Teen to serve as trail master as he guides his starving, dying village westward on the Oregon Trail.

Season 4 takes place in a post-nuclear future, and follows Road Warrior Sid, Warlord Freya Exaltada, and their War Dog Scraps as they flee the devastation of the Wasteland for the relative safety of Boomtown.

Miracle Workers Season 4 Cast

Radcliffe, who was most recently seen in the Weird Al biopic, will guest-star as a new character named Sid in the upcoming fourth season of Miracle Workers. Many other familiar faces were also shown in the trailer and promotional materials, including Vishwanathan as Freya, Buscemi as Boom Town Merchant, Soni as The Cyborg, and Jon Bass as Scraps the Dog.

The trailer doesn’t introduce any fresh faces, despite the fact that all five performers have appeared in different roles over all three seasons. The first three seasons of Miracle Workers included cameo appearances by comedy greats like Fred Armisen, Tituss Burgess, and Tim Meadows, so it’s safe to assume that the fourth season, titled End Times, will feature a similar roster of guest performers.

Miracle Workers Season 4 Plot

Due to the anthology style of “Miracle Workers,” each episode offers a different experience. Season four, retitled “Miracle Workers: End Time,” will be very different from seasons one through three. For a while, we didn’t know what was going to happen in the following chapter, but now we know from the official summary that it will be very different from what we’ve seen thus far.

Summary: “In a post-apocalyptic future, a wasteland warrior (Radcliffe) and a ruthless warlord (Viswanathan) face the most dystopian nightmare of all: settling down in the suburbs,” as reported by TV Line. “Under the questionable advice of a wealthy trash trader (Buscemi), they face the existential horrors of wedded life and small-town living together. Jon Bass plays the couple’s loyal combat dog, and Karan Soni is a killer robot who enjoys throwing parties.

According to the official synopsis, Season 4 will continue to be hilarious. In a dystopian future rife with radioactive mutants, deadly robots, and a dictatorial homeowner’s association charging excessive monthly fees, “End Times” follows brand-new characters.

Where to watch Miracle Workers Season 4?

Those interested in watching Miracle Workers Season 4 or catching up on the previous seasons can do so on a number of streaming services. Seasons one through three can be seen on Max and the Max Amazon Channel. In addition to Max, DIRECTV, and Spectrum On Demand also provide alternate ways for viewers to watch the program.

Seasons can be purchased on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, and VUDU if you’d rather have your own copy. It is anticipated that Season 4 of Miracle Workers will also be accessible through these streaming services upon its launch. This will allow viewers easy access to the show’s hilarious brilliance.

Miracle Workers Season 4 Trailer

A promo for Season 4 of Miracle Workers has been released. You may view it down here.


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