Another Life season 2 Release date,Plot and Story

Story of Another life series

Another life is an American science fiction drama web television series created by the Aaron  Martin that premiered on Netflix on July 25, 2019. This series follows the story of astronaut and space crew who are on a mission to investigate the origins of an alien artifact that mysteriously appeared on Earth. As the crew attempt to search for alien intelligence, they face inexplicable horrors that might signal the end of their mission. The first season of the Another life series consists of 10 episodes.

The title of the 10 episodes are “Across the universe”,” Through the valley of the shadow”, “Nervous Breakdown”, Guilt trip”, A mind of its own”, I think we are alone now”,” living the dream”, How the light gets lost”,” Heart and soul”,” Hello”.

Star cast of the series Katee Sack Hoff Justin Chatwin Samuel Anderson Blu Hunt A.J. Rivera Jake Abel Alex Ozerov Alexander Eling JayR Tinaco Lina Renna Selma Blair Elizabeth Ludlow.

Expected plot for season 2 of another life.

As we know that the first season ended as Niko and Cas land on Pi Caris major and realize that the alien is much more formidable than they thought. While Niko and Cas reckon the alien city, Oliver stays with the shuttle. Niko insists on the investigation of the ruins near the city, despite Cas better judgement..And the second season is going to be resumed where the first season ended. Niko as she rushes back to Earth so she can warn humanity about the Achaia and their true intentions.

As far as she knows, the aliens intend to destroy the earth, but their plans might turn out to be more complicated than that. Instead of killing off the human race, the Achaia might try to subjugate them. This was hinted at in the Season 1 finale when the aliens mind-controlled Glass, using her to manipulate the population and keep humanity unaware of what’s really going on.

If control is their endgame, then it’s likely that Erik will also be hypnotized given that he was last seen heading into the Artifact for help. That might put further strain on his marriage to Niko once she eventually makes it back to Earth.

Release date of Another Life season 2

Another season 1 consist of 10 episodes and it’s running time was 37-61 minutes. And the second season has been renewed for the second season 2 would then theoretically be released on seven months later in December 2020 or January 2021.

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