Boruto: Momoshiki's words make sense, the protagonist has his destiny sealed

In the last chapter released by Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, thanks to Amado, a former member of Kara, we learned of some succulent secrets regarding both the organization led by Jigen, both concerning beings called Otsutsuki and the Karma that they implanted in Boruto e Kawaki.

After Amado managed to receive the protection requested from the seventh Hokage, the former engineer of Kara put the Leaf Village aware of some secrets about Jigen himself, the Otsutsuki clan and the true nature of what is called Karma. As we have already explained in other articles, it has been discovered that Karma is nothing more than a data backup implanted inside a person and that contains the compacted consciousness of an Ostustuki. We also found that these are used to take the control of the body of a person according to them, to the point of replacing the original consciousness. In a nutshell it is kind of resurrection technique which however proceeds slowly.

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In fact, the more time passes, the more the data contained within Karma does they drain into the person's body which brings him, until Ostustuki, in the end, is completely reborn. As you may have guessed, such is also the fate they are facing Boruto and Kawaki, respectively "taken hostage" by Momoshiki is ishiki. If you want further confirmation, the Twitter user provides it SpirallingSphe2 who, through a tweet, reported the words that Momoshiki some time ago addressed to Boruto telling him that, one day, "will lose everything".

What do you think of this interesting plot twist? How do you think the two kids are doing? Feel free to write it below.


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