Benefits of Rose Water For The Eyes

Benefits of Rose Water For The Eyes

1. Rose water can be used as a natural eye drop.

4. A Mix of rose water and lemon juice helps to check blood pressure build-up.

5. Mixing rose water with milk helps to prevent hair loss. For applying hair should immerse into the mixture for about half an hour, then rinse off with cool water before shampooing normally.

6 Small amount of rose water added to your bathing helps reduce dark circles around the eyes. You can also use it for cooling purposes or mix it with cucumber juice to nourish your skin while maintaining its healthiness and freshness. It is successfully used by many women around the world because this will help them achieve desired beauty without undergoing expensive treatments.

7 Its natural antioxidant properties help to fight off the signs of aging on your skin.

8 It can be used as a natural treatment for acne and pimples, All you need is three times daily dab rose water all over your face and let it dry naturally.

9: Regular use of rose water helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes and helps you look bright and beautiful while relieving stress or anxiety.

10: Rosewater can help in preventing hair loss because its antioxidants properties strengthen your hair roots from harmful effects of free radicals that cause damage by destroying cells in the body.

which rose water is best for the eyes:

The best rose water for the eyes is the one which you make at home using fresh petals of roses, some glycerin, and distilled water. Making it yourself will not only be cheaper but also fresher. Store-bought brands may contain chemicals that aren’t good for your skin as well as the advantage you get from homemade rose water.


Rosewater has found its way into many beauty remedies and Aromatherapy was one such use that uses lavender essential oil and several other aromas to promote relaxation and relieve stress-related disorders like headache, insomnia, etc.

The pure natural essence of flowers can soothe and calm your senses quite effectively and this is why they were used in bridal baths in ancient times. The combination of rose water with lavender essential oil or orange flower water can help you relax and relieve stress.

For beauty:

Rose petals are soothing to the eyes, they contain vitamins A, C & E that strengthen your delicate eye area. You can use rose water as a rinse after cleansing every morning to replenish moisture content in the skin around your eyes. It will make your eyelashes stronger if applied regularly before sleeping at night.

Dabbing some on your lashes will promote growth too without making the mascara spidery! Rosewater is also known to make your face glow by simply dabbing it for instant radiance. Add two drops of glycerin to homemade rosewater for this purpose if you have oily /combination skin.

is Dabur gulabari rose water good for the eyes:

No, Dabur Gulabari Rose Water is not good for the eyes. It has preservatives and chemicals that can cause harm to your eyes. You will get minimal results too because its water content is very less as it is a ready-made product whereas you will get much better results using homemade rosewater which will be mostly glycerin, this way you can make it more concentrated and use as little as one drop at a time for any purpose like applying to eyelashes.

Also if you have oily or combination skin adding two drops of glycerin becomes very useful and all three ingredients promote the growth of lashes and give an instant glow.

Here are some home remedies with which you can easily treat tired puffy eyes: 

Gently massage your eyelids for a minute with the pads of your fingers. This will increase circulation and provide fresh oxygen to tired eyes. You can also make an eye pack with cucumber juice, baking soda, and aloe vera gel which are all very good for tired swollen eyes. Apply this cool soothing pack on your eyes using clean cotton balls, leave it for ten minutes before removing it gently wipe away any excess with another fresh cotton ball dipped in water.

which is better gulabari or Dabur rose water:

Dabur Gulabari Rose Water has preservatives in it that may not be suitable for sensitive skin around the eye area. Dabur Pure Aloe vera Eye Drop is apt for the same.

How to make rose water:

You can make petal paste with all the used up dried petals of roses, add a few drops of glycerin and distilled water into it, stir well and store in an airtight container. As long as you use fresh petals at home to prepare homemade rosewater no preservatives are required.

It’s many times more natural than any commercial brand available on the market. Also, you will save a lot if you prepare your rosewater because commercially made rose water doesn’t contain much amount of ingredients used by brands like glycerin or distilled water only, so there is usually 30% -50 % less quantity than what they claim which means you need to apply two-three times the quantity to get any results.

Rosewater eye drops:

rose water is a cooling tower for the skin, it helps in reducing inflammation and redness caused by acne or pimples. You can also use rose water as a natural face wash with added lavender essential oil to clear away excess oil.

Rosewater, witch hazel, and glycerin make a wonderful toning lotion to prevent acne which you can prepare at home by mixing a few drops of glycerin into rose water and witch hazel extract after boiling them together until the quantity reduces by half. This way you will get a quick and readymade toner.

It gently tones your skin pores, removes excess oil from the face, and helps in repairing damaged skin around the eyes. Rosewater can also be used as a serum for dry hair. Just add a few drops of rose water to your shampoo or olive oil before washing your hair so that it nourishes them from within making them stronger and softer.

You can also use rosewater mixed with lemon juice as a homemade face wash. It will help you in healing pimples faster when dabbed directly on the acne daily at night after cleansing your face properly then leave for ten minutes before rinsing off with cold water only.

can I put rose water in my eyes daily:

Yes, but be careful as it will cause redness and irritation for sensitive eyes. In most cases, your eyes feel fresh and comfortable after using these homemade eye drops. But if you experience any type of discomfort then stop using it.

But why do we have a burning sensation when we put aloe Vera gel or cucumber juice on our eyes?:

It is because they contain compounds that block the pores. When these tissues are applied to your eyelids they keep them moist and hydrated by reducing the dryness of cornea cells which can help in treating tired puffy eyes.

Also, frequent use of home remedies like cucumber juice helps in clearing skin congestion around the eyes as it contains high amounts of vitamin A and antioxidants which help in fighting skin inflammation and swelling.

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