Barkskins Season 2: Will It Return For Another Season?

The show’s cliffhanger ending had viewers wondering if anyone in Wobik made it through the violence unscathed. The author of Barkskins recently let some information slip about Season 2’s planned content while everyone was too busy praising Season 1. Nevertheless, National Geographic has not yet revealed whether or not the second season would be renewed. The first season premiered back in May, and its depiction of the past has already won over many viewers. The critical reception was overwhelmingly good. However, the network has yet to comment on whether or not the show will be renewed. It is currently unknown if season two will be renewed. But let’s wait and see what the artist has in store for their followers.

Elwood Reid’s Barkskins is a National Geographic drama series. Novels by Annie Proulx served as inspiration for the show. There are two main characters in this story: René Sel (Christian Cookie) and Charles Duquet (James Bloor), two immigrants to New France. The series takes place in the fictional town of Wobik, New France, in the 1690s. individuals were forced to work as contract workers and populate the area, among other things, when the great community ruled the surrounding groups and individuals. For the next three years, Sel and Charles toiled in the woods for Claude Trepagny (David Wilmot). The plan is for them to escape Claude after that.

Barkskins Season 2 Renewal Status

In a word, no. After only one season, the show was canceled. The show has the characteristics of a limited series, and like other limited series, “Barkskins” will conclude after a single season. Marcia Gay Harden, who plays Mathilde Geffard, was recently asked by The Playlist if she thought the program could be renewed for a second or third season.

As with the future of any modern television show, it was discussed in incomplete sentences. It’s undeniable that the story isn’t over; after the cliffhanger ending, you yelled, “No, no. That’s ridiculous! She said, “There can’t be any more episodes with a challenger. Elwood had intended for the series to include ten episodes instead of eight, but climate change forced him to cut back.

The showrunner had to slash two hours of material, which is a significant amount of story, but the ending was intended to leave viewers hanging. The ending left me wanting more information about the characters. I’d like to delve into Matilda’s story and find out more. Please tell me whatever you know about this place. That there will be a second season was a topic of conversation, and we agreed that it was not a stupid idea. A further comment from the actress: “I think all of that is so audience contingent, and whether people find it interesting and want to tune in and talk about it, if it gets a buzz, that’s what it all is.”

Barkskins Storyline

The novel takes place during the time when the British and French were eager to colonize the world. René Sel and Charles Duquet, two woodcutters, are the main characters. Those who worked with wood were referred to as “barkskins,” hence the term. The challenges the protagonists go through are reflected in the series’ frequent depictions of violence and bloodshed.

Barkskins Cast and characters

  • Aneurin Barnard as Hamish Goames
  • Christian Cooke as Rene Sel
  • David Thewlis as Claude Trepagny
  • David Wilmot as Constable Bouchard
  • James Bloor as Charles Duquet
  • Kaniehtiio Horn as Mari
  • Lily Sullivan as Delphine
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Mathilde Geffard
  • Tallulah Haddon as Melissande
  • Thomas M. Wright as Elisha Cooke
  • Zahn McClarnon as Yvon
  • Matthew Lillard as Gus Lafarge
  • Domenic Di Rosa as Father Gabriel
  • Eric Schweig as Chief Tehonikonhraken
  • Leni Parker as Mother Sabrine

Barkskins Season 2 Expected Plot

Season one of ‘Barkskins’ finishes with a number of major cliffhangers. As the Iroquois launch their assault on Wobik, it is unclear who will make it out alive. After all, the majority of the main characters are shown congregating there just before the massacre. The question of Hamish’s well-being is also unanswered. Is Trepagny alive or does it not matter? Can Renardette be Hamish’s savior?

Renardette attacks Ratahsénthos, stabbing him in the throat in one of the final scenes. Hamish, though, can be seen watching as he is mercilessly injured. So, even if he makes it, we have to leave. In addition, there is Yvon in Wobik. Charles is alive and well and has most likely already arrived in Quebec City, as this much is known. While Mathilde is in hiding, Melissande also manages to flee. There are many unanswered questions left behind from Season 1 that must be resolved in Season 2.

Where to Watch Barkskins?

You may now watch “Barkskins” on Prime Video.

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