Apex Legends Season 5 Start Dates-When we will see Loba joining the Game

Apex Legends Season 5
Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5 Start Dates–When we will see Loba joining the Game

Starting of Apex Legends Season 5 is confirmed or not

The wait is over and Apex Legends Season 5 is the edge of a knife. In this season, Loba is a new role; although, Loba‘s character is announced officially. As you guys were waiting for Apex Legends Season 5, so we have good news for you; yes, Apex Legends Season 5 is going to start on 12 May. Also, Apex Legends Season 4 is fixed for 12 May at 10 pm. Apex Legends Season 4: battle pass is locked and you cannot complete it on daily and weekly mode. Except season 5, Apex Legends Season 4 is continuing with events and rewards that will pay attention to the next stage of Apex. Apex Legends all seasons are dramatic and based on the latest trailers. Season 4 was aired in February 2020 with new battle pass, fresh legend revenant, and new weapons.

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When we will see Loba joining the game?

In the nesting season, Loba has an association with revenant and opens a new book in Apex Legends Season 5. Revenant kills her parents as well as like Inigo Montoya; from that day Loba thought to live her life to take revenge. From the battle pass to map changes.  The studio told that season 5 has more than 100 items containing battle pass and legendary. As we mentioned that Apex Legends Season 5 will come on 12 May, it will introduce a new player named Andrade into the game as a playable character. Andrade comes with a revenge plan for a robotic mercenary who killed her parents. Once you watch the trailer, you will get a hint about this game. She uses both defensive and offensive ability so that players may take benefits from that. This is a 3-minute clip that shows how Andrade takes revenge by attacking her enemies. It is doubtless that season 5 has something fresh content and updates items.

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